Fools Gold...or is it really Red?!

Saturday, 2/1/2014

Fools Gold...or is it really Red?!

Calls for brotherhood, liberty, and equality were part and parcel of the French Revolution. Our Politburo President fulfilled the desires of his politburo party. "We are all in this together"...and ..."the end justifies the means". He doesn't believe in "doing things the old fashion way, you earn it!" He is going to make everything red fair and take all life's owies away. If you earned it, you really didn't and must give it away. Government is God and will provide all things fairly and equally, except for the rich who run the socialist plantation.

And if Congress doesn't do what he wants, then he will use legal trickery to make laws that are not legal unless passed by Congress. What is the opposite of progress?! Like all socialists, he says he is empowering the "folks", when his policies will really make their lives harder.

And, how about those MyRA's! FDR gave us social (in)security, promised to be individual IRAs. Your could always at lest get your premiums back. How did that work out? Can you believe the same fools are going to fall for it again!? What does the Mob say? "There's a fool born every minute".

Obama wants give you another program in which it will be in the governments best interest to see you die. Think healthcare! Another program controlled by the government rather than you, that leaves nothing you could pass on to your posterity. Starter savings accounts? How about another government Ponzi government run gambling. If they had left social security in individual hands as IRAs, people would not need all these other pidilley government programs.

The communists said they were for the farmer, and then they killed them and took their land. They said they were for women and sex, and they made whores out of them. Like the communists of old, Obama and his comrades say they are for the middle class; and their policies will destroy them too. As Ronald Reagan said, beware of those infamous words: "We're from the government, and we're here to help you".

The 10th plank of the communist manifesto calls for centralized control of education by the state, and the CPUSA called for a Dept. of Education in the United States. Newt Gingrich gave us that. He was the first person to come to WI to raise money for Scott Walker. The next person that was supposed to come but didn't was Jeb Bush....ands he's on favor of common core! Gov. Walker does not want to block "commie" common core!? Now add to that Obama's call for pre-k education. The state must control their minds from cradle to grave.

Our president is definitely a divider, not a uniter. Like the Marxists of old, he works to divide us along age, race, class, and sex lines. Especially sex; famous Chinese Sun Tsu said before you can conquer a nation, you must first demoralize them....from within. And who is leading the communist homosexual movement in America? Read the morals issues at

If our President wants to make life fair and share the wealth, why doesn't he just set the example and share his with a few people, even a few illegal aliens? Our government was set up to reward the industrious, not the slacker; the virtuous, not the sluggard; the worker, not the thief. One may share all HE has earned, but he doesn't have the right to give away what others have earned. That is called stealing and when governments do it, that's communism!

Comrade Obama wants to create political, economic, social, and moral heaven on earth....through moral decay! He says government should be all inclusive. No, Heaven is not so. There is no "big tent". The law breaker, does not get to live with or off the law keeper. Choses beget consequences. Those who cause problems for others to pay for deserve neither heaven....nor a government program(Fools Gold).