Jewish Mafia?...NJ

Thursday, 8/6/2009

Jewish Mafia?...NJ

There are always those who use religion for their own gain and power. Probably, no religion is exempt from it. Ever since the days of Ronald Reagan, it has become more popular for politicians, regardless of lifestyle, to say,"God Bless America" at the end of their speeches. Some would consider it a curse when used by persons whose "works" are in opposition to the Creator's laws.

There are wolves amongst the sheep, not only religiously, but also politically. As the FBI made their arrests, I thought about our Wisconsin senators who list their religion as Jewish, and yet endorse the communist homosexual agenda and support its legal arm in America- the ACLU. They, along with our Governor,support cap and trade, and many leftist UN treaties such as L.O.S.T.(Law of the Sea Treaty).

Those who become bad examples or abuse others always create contempt and distrust of organized religion. Religion can become a half full glass. You can chose to hate it because of the bad examples or love it because of the good ones. Our country affirms the principle of religious liberty, while many others do not. That is why our ancestors immigrated from Europe.

People from intolerant countries are trying to get here, not the other way around. We tolerate other faiths that would not return the favor in their lands.

If they ever take over, we will cease to exist. The religion of America is represented by the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, common to all faiths

practiced by our Founding Fathers.

The principles are more important than the organization or people who represent it. Many live by them until they find a church they can respect. The Commandments work wherever people apply them. You don't find them in jail(unless they live under tyranny) or down at the legislature begging for social pro

grams. Our plan is proven. It created the most prosperous country on earth.

My favorite quote comes from the founder of Pennsylvania...Wm Penn,

"Tyranny begins where God leaves off." So....What is your problem?! You can plug many words in that phase. Be Freemen!...and Women.