Wednesday, 9/16/2009


It is not the role of a leader to provide for your needs. His role is to protect

your rights so you can better care for yourself and family. Needs and rights

cannot co-exist. The former are to be provided only by individuals or private

organizations. The U.S. Constitution did not and does not grant charity powers

to the federal government. The Framers wanted to outlaw both fiat money and


Leveling was a polite word for communism and the transfer of wealth earned by

person to one who has not earned it! They said it would corrupt both the people

and the government, and it has. So much is said by socialists of needs as

though they were rights. Life has its risks and no government in the world can

guarantee us against them.

Rights can delegated to various levels of government for efficiency, but needs

cannot. The opposite occurs, making local matters more expensive and less

efficient. Division of government responsibilities between various levels of

government makes for better oversight and less expense. Efficiency requires a

division of labor to country,state, and federal levels. Problems need to be

solved at the level upon which they occur.

Healthcare is the prime example right now, and so much time and money is being

spent to sell the big lie that insurance is a right. We all have the need to

earn it, but we do not have the right to force our neighbor to provide for

healthcare, education, homes, or cars. Low character people always have their


At the family level, needs may be called wants. If wants or luxuries are

emphasized over basic needs, the budget will be out of balance and needs

unfulfilled. We used to be a government of rights, and more prosperous than any

other nation in the world. A government of fifth column needs has lead to a

lower standard of living and has made us the greatest debtor nation in the


At the beginning of the last century, we made up one sixth of the world population

and produced half of its goods. What happened? How about Fabian Socialism? Our colleges started teaching the economic principles of Karl Marx instead of Adam Smith.

Rights lead to Americanism and needs lead to Communism. The best way to balance

any budget is to balance your own. You cannot buy what you cannot afford or

print money to do so. That simple idea will keep state and federal budgets in

balance and give greater incentive for savings and business investment.

How did Daniel Boone and the pioneers ever settle this country without Barack

Obama and healthcare? They didn't force their risks onto their neighbors.

Rather than faith in government, they had faith in the Creator and their

God-given abilities. Until needs and rights are put in proper prospective, no

budgets will be balanced or debts paid off!!!

It is A-FACT! (