Occupy America II

Tuesday, 11/29/2011

Occupy America II

The Communist Internationale has finally given OWS their mission statement and a few new "wolf in sheeps clothing" slogans to hide behind. The UN, established by communist agent Alger Hiss with the help of FDR and Harry Truman, has long been calling for a global tax on nations in order to redistribute wealth, the favorite theme of our UN-American President Obama.

This new "Robin Hood" tax(VAT) would pay for our unconstitutional global commit-ments. OWS now has concrete demands, using slogans such as "Freedom for People, not Capitalists', blasting businesses for pursuing profit over people and equality: 'We are the 99%"(really unfortunately around 50% of our citizens): and "Heal America, Tax Wall Street".

Their original plan to legalize the 2nd plank of the communist manifesto became our 16th Amendment. The standard procedure is to always blame the rich for their poverty when it has a lot more to do with their own individual choices than the targets of their class warfare.

The old hollywood movie, "The Russians Are Coming,The Russians Are Coming'", should have said, The Communists Are Coming. The truth be known, they were already here working through hollywood, and they have been coming through both legal and illegal immigration since the Bolshivek Revolution.

To quote Accuracy in Media, "the threat is not only a Wall Street financial transaction tax that could affect ordinary investors but a global tax to finance various international agencies and causes". This cause is being lead by the National Nurses United with the support of such people as Bill Gates and Van Jones.

With the help of Soros-funded progressives, labor unions, and major media: backers are waiting for the Occupy America protests to build...too European proportions? The Germans couldn't seem to see their Nazis coming and apparently we are having the same problem. "When will we ever learn?..that we are in great danger from within, and stand against it as united freemen and women?!