Plato's Military?

Saturday, 3/26/2011

Plato's Military?

Henry Kissinger said, "military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy". Unfortunately, our military now bears(or should we say bares) too much resemblance to Plato's dream society where all men belonged to all women and all women belonged to all men. Thanks to "Comrade" Obama, now all men belong to all men and all women belong to all women. It must be long as he says,"God bless America". But, which God is he talking about, the God of darkness ....or the God of light?

When has a morally decayed military ever protected a country from tyranny? We now have an un-American military serving under the resolutions of the communist UN instead of a congressional declaration. They now are fulfilling the goal of servicing and protecting all sexes in every way! As in our school system, the goal is to turn everyone into a "Swallow" or Raven".(Go to issues and read "Homosexuality")

To follow the basic belief expressed by Wm Penn, "Tyranny begins where God leaves off"; I pose the question: has the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" given us a system of freedom...or...tyranny? Has it given certain people the freedom to do evil ...or the freedom to do good?

That question can only be answered upon the assumption that there is a Creator who has outlined a code for human relations that will bring mankind the greatest level of happiness, and for which we will be judged in an afterlife. Wm Penn also said, "If we will not be ruled by God, we will be ruled by tyrants".

Our country was founded upon a system that would give people the freedom to do good,... freedom of religion. Now we have a fifth column behind the guise of various names such as liberal, progressive, secular, democratic, or socialist; creating the freedom to do evil...a freedom from religion; the freedom from accountability. And they all hide behind the ACLU.

They don't love America; they hate America. They hate its God, they hate its morality, and they hate its patriotism. They have the chose to reject all three, but they don't have the right to force it on the rest of us....or the right to pass their consequences onto us. The freedom to do evil is not constitutionally protected, but the chose is.

The Constitution of the United States was established to prevent government from abusing the citizens in basic four ways. First it was not to Force the people to accept "a deal they can't refuse". It was also to protect us from vice(crime), monopoly, and the "debauchery of public morals". Now government is the author of and protects all four through unconstitutional agencies and and executive orders. And where is our Congress, "out to lunch"?

Tyranny has many faces, Freedom only one. There is opposition in all things. For an up, there is a down; and for every right, there is a wrong. Plato's dream of what amounts to nothing more than a national whorehouse or a "Sodom and Gomorrah" society is no different than that planned "in the beginning" by the "dark force".

One might even consider Plato the great socialist of his time. In biblical history homosexuality seems to be the final straw before God allows his established freedom societies to be conquered or destroyed. His biblical promise has always been the same for individuals or countries: If you live my laws you will be blessed, if not, you will be cursed.

In these modern times, there is another dark force that would like to see America become another "national whorehouse". And that is the Soviet system of international communism. More can be found in the issues section under the topics of Homosexuality and the Sex Resolution. Moscow is still the capitol of the "evil empire".

To summarize, their goals call for destruction of the family through promiscuity,

pornography, adultery, and homosexuality. All violate the greatest bond of love that can exist between two individuals of the...opposite sex. Is not loyalty not the greatest sign of love? What kind of country will such people give us?

Rev. Dan Stanley of Eau Claire, WI, wrote an article that was, to my amazement, published in the local paper. He spoke out because of "the obvious disregard for the Lord's ways" in the community. "What is being disregarded in our city is sex and its proper practice according to the Bible".

He goes on to say, "our sex-saturated society" has been dumbed and numbed to silence. "Rather than seriousness, we have turned most of the sex discussions into jokes until we find ourselves paying the consequences." This is the community where a lesbian teacher was given permission to out herself to her seventh grade class in more detail than some parents would have liked.

Rev. Stanley lists seven areas of concern and list them as follows: 1) nakedness, 2) fornication,3) adultery, 4) living together, 5) homosexuality/lebianism, 6) bestiality, and 7) pornography. As I told him, I agree with all those concerns except the sixth; I've never heard much on that one. He says these areas cover the sexual immorality going on in Eau Claire; it twists your thinking and harms your Soul.

Homosexuality is neither the beginning or end of the moral problem in the military anymore than it is so in our society. There are those in the military that believe in a double standard because of the risk to life they take. They are no more exempt from our Creator's laws than anyone else. Now the news media is reporting on the abuse and sexual assault of women in uniform.

No one has such a right to do so in the name of "unit loyalty" or "esprit de corps", nor, especially, by authority of rank. In this case everyone does not love a "lover". Neither is being a Don Juan acceptable, though mutual consent is implied. What are they taking their oath to do? What system of government do they really represent, freedom or tyranny, Americanism...or communism?

Where do we look for leadership? We've been talking about the Democrat and Rhino platform. It seems that neither party will allow a "clean" candidate to run for President. Why is that!? Do we look to the Clintons, Edwards, or the Bushes? How about Guliani, Gingrich, Trump, or McCain?

The resolution passed by our Barron county RP was blocked at the 7th District level and also at the state convention. Then they came in, replaced the county leadership, and removed the resolution. Whose cause where they serving? Is it not our duty to warn our children... or our community and nation?

It may be too late; the "commie" gays now rule the military and our country! General George Washington discharged such people. What kind of soldier homos, pornos, or whores for his country? Would he be a facist, a communist, a Nazi....or an American; a Christian soldier expecting the protection from the hand of God?

As a Vietnam veteran and a "Gentleman", and due to a combination of Methodist upbringing and natural conscience, I can say, "I came back with honor". Historically, the military has always been a ground for moral testing. It is getting all to obvious who is failing. If we pamper or exhibit too much patience for the weak and degenerate, they become a cancer on the nation.

Should we honor such a military anymore if they're going to buy in to communism? I question saluting people serving an enemy cause. But then again, they may be the only people who "know which end is up"! Talk about CYA! As a sign says on many businesses, deliveries will now be made in the rear!? How about a new motto for the military?...We have your behind covered! I guess we can keep the old one, "An Army of One"!

Stalin said, America is like a healthy body and its resistance is three-fold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within." George Washington said, "a decay of public virtue has fed the hopes of the enemy...cannot our common country, America, possess virtue enough to disappoint them?

Which will be your chose: virtue or vice...loyalty or dissolution? Is our oath of allegiance taken to America...or Amerika? Do we want that "light from above" or the darkness from below? This UN-American activity must end... will be the end of the liberty and freedom bequeathed to us by the "Hand of Providence"! ......and that is.. AFACT!