Red Flag over America/MLK Holiday

Tuesday, 1/18/2011

Much has been said about Saul Alinsky and his "Rules for Radicals". He helped raise money during his college days for the International Brigade, the communist army in Spain. He was latter a founder of the Highlander Folk School, found to be a communist training school by the state of Louisiana. Martin Luther King was photographed in attendance as a student ...and teacher!

A famous FBI agent of the fifties wrote a book titled, "I Testify", about communist infiltration. Julia Brown latter said that giving Martin Luther King his own holiday would be like "raising the Red Flag over America". No one deserves a holiday to replace the one for our two greatest Presidents, especially George Washington.

The first targets of communist infiltration have always been the unions(SEIU too) and it was they who pushed for the MLK holiday. The Reuther brothers were heavily involved in the process. The goal is to degrade our national heroes and replace them with the "socialist" variety.

As documented on Dr. W. Cleon Skousen's book, "The Naked Capitalist", Walter Reuther unionized welfare and O.E.O. recipients so they could bring greater pressure to insure increased stipends from the government. Walter took a training job in the Soviet Union(both brothers took trips to the SU) and wrote back to his friends, "Carry on the fight for a Soviet America."

FBI files show, like Jimmy Swaggert, that Dr. King was a "Master of Deceit". It was verified by one of his former lieutenants that he was a womanizer and adulterer and especially loved abusing white women. The FBI had 15 files on MLK, three about his connections with communists, and 12 on his sexual misconduct with prostitutes and other women.

While in Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, "his nights were full of orgies with prostitutes"(World Affairs Brief). That is why his records had to be locked up for 75 years before he could be given his own holiday. (Now a certain black figure is threatening Sara Palin's daughters with gang rape) This is Glen Beck's great blind spot.

The sixties was a time when the KKK of moral communism ruled America(see sex resolution issue). We have the Kennedy brothers competing with each other in womanizing and adultery and of course Dr. King doing the same(besides cheating to get his doctorate). John definitely had an eternal flame and lead us into our first lost war. The communists thrived under the three slogans: God is dead, If it feels good do it, and Make love,not war.

They love to lower the value of our Founders and raise up their treasonous and decayed minions above them. That is what happened to get this holiday. And of course the Kennedys were solidly behind it. John McCain was against it but became for it during his last presidential run.

Az chose not to go along with the fooled masses, and came under the same style attack as is now taking place for their stand on illegal immigration. This time they are doing better at standing together against all the threats from America's fifth column, especially as examplified by our "liberal" media and the Obama administration.

If one doesn't go along with the MLK holiday, the basic communist tactic is: accuse that person of being a racist. President Obama tried the tactic in MD with a white policeman but it didn't work. Now the race tactic is even being used in association with the unfortunate attack in Tucson.

The "Soviet" left never quits. "Moscow realizes that it can never revolutionize the United States unless the Negro can be won over to the communist cause." They have long infiltrated not only black churches but all churches using the cause of "social justice" and homosexuality. They teach that communism can be embraced without sacrificing religion.

In my era it was natural to grow up with a distrust of the black race. Where did that come from? People didn't have much respect for their physical or verbal morality. Negrophobia was a term that grew out of the south and is probably not mentioned in textbooks anymore. Certain black leaders bragged about getting white women. Do names like Medgar Evers, O.J. Simpson, or Tiger Woods ring a bell?

My first contact with a black teacher occurred in the fourth grade, a rare occurrance in that day. He dealt with the race issue by immediately teaching us what the N-word meant to him. As I remember it, he said it was used to describe a person of very low moral character, regardless of race. The term was once applied to the Irish.

A question I would like to pose is: What can you do for a culture whose main goal in life is to make "whores" out of their women? When as much as 73% of blacks are born out of wedlock, whose fault is it? It is 53% for hispanics and 28% for whites.

Which cultures are betraying us most to the goals of communism? One should clean their own dirty doorstep before they cast stones. That applies to any culture. Successful blacks aren't playing the victim card and blaming another culture for problems they created.

After all, only virtue wins in the end. In a nation under God, who has the right to complain they don't have equal rights or freedom? Whether as an individual or group of people, who has the right to complain that they are not blessed if they really conduct themselves as Freeman. By the way, Julia Brown is a black women who succeeded in serving her country at great sacrifice, through her strong belief in Christian values.

Those who do live those values aren't complaining or blaming their problems on others. The problem usually goes back to one's moral attitude and conduct. Cultures that practice the best principles of freemanship build the most prosperous communities as opposed to "war zones".

Now we have Lawrence Taylor in the news, a man known for liking high school age girls. Talk about the N... F...L! What has changed? Maybe we should give him a holiday? Remember, if we don't honor MLK, he might get upset and call you a racist!

In the sixties over 100 cities were lite on fire; coincidentally after Dr. King left. He was known for being under communist control and that communist controlled minority movement, along with the Vietnam demonstrations almost brought our country to its' knees. This movement can be recognized by its' gross immorality and cries of racism.

Are they getting set to do it again? per Alinsky's Rules for Radicals? I have never supported the MLK holiday, and would never will allow it to replace that of our two great presidents. Therefore, the left will always brand me or anyone else that doesn't with the usual name-calling.

The "Big Lie" must be kept in force. Dr. King's records could never stand the light of day. Why did they have to be locked up for 75 years? We will have to wait many more years to get the truth. And...that is AFACT.