Red Racism in America

Sunday, 6/30/2013

Red Racism in America

Over history, at least religiously, the colors red and black have been associated with dark and evil forces, and white with good and virtue. In cartoons we see a red devil on one shoulder and a white angel on the other shoulder. Red light districts represent places of moral decay. And red also represents politically the forces of communism around the world. Unfortunately they are successfully at work within our country today, and have been for almost a century.

The USSR, long ago, decided that is could not take over America from within unless it could take control of its minority cultures, especially that of the black community. From Robson and Dubois to Cleaver, Brown, and King, and now Jackson and Sharpton, they have been very successful. They're most successful gains took place in the sixties with the passage of "civil rights" laws. We owe those laws to the adulterous "Three Amiegos", named Kennedy, Johnson, and King!

The main purpose of communist promoted civil rights laws was to force acceptance of groups controlled by them. We are a country based on free chose. Communism is based on forced association. The communists, working through the ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild, just kept adding various minorities to the law, operating behind the Rainbow Coalition, representing all non-white races. Eventually, they added women and gays. Now children will be forced to accept same-sex parents. Pedophilia will be the next "civil right". And it too is not an inalienable right!

Our treasonous Supreme Court has given them another victory in the battle to destroy religion and morality in America. We should give them the new AFACT "Anthony Wiener " award. SCOTUS has applied the Soviet concept of civil rights rather than the American concept of inalienable rights. Gay theology and liberation theology have the same source. As Archibald Roosevelt said long ago, "Most people don't realize that the Kremlin has already invaded America".

Joseph Stalin said, The strength of America is based on its religion, morality, and patriotism. If these can be undermined, America will fall from within. A huge majority of blacks, hispanics, women, and youth, ranging from 60-70% voted for "comrade" President "Nelson Mandela" Obama. These numbers also match the level of moral decay and out of wedlock births in those communities. They have not only locked on to soviet politics, but soviet also morality; which promotes promiscuity, adultery, pornography, and homosexuality as normal, natural(as an animal), and healthy.

Sounds like the plan of a certain political party. Can America recover from this plan? Recent polls show that 2/3rds believe sexual relationships between unmarried people is ok, and 1/3 think it ok for teenagers. 60% think it is morally acceptable to have a baby outside of wedlock and 31% believe pornography is moral. How successful the marxists in our midst have been! Their plan of worship us, sleep with us, and steal from your neighbor is working.

The Democrat Party, long ago, became the party of communism in America. A Catholic nun once described communism as "the essence of evil". That sure applies to the democrat party today! How about Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, and the ACLU? Most the socialist legislation that began under FDR can be traced back to a book written by communist William Z. Foster in 1932, the year FDR won election. It is titled "Toward a Soviet America". In it you will find such "great ideas" as: social security, a national department of education(given to us by Newt Gingrich), and healthcare!

If you do not support any of these ideas or minority legislation, you of course are called a RACIST!!! Now we are in the illegal immigration battle with some ignorant republicans supporting amnesty. They do not know about or understand the battle being waged against the European culture that founded this nation. Soviet propaganda calls our founders: "those evil old men".

It's getting to the point where white people cannot be declared good unless the black commissars say so; unless they do all that "minorities" tell them to do. Talk about a hold-up game. Whether we like it or not we are in a "Red" race war lead by Obama, Holder, and the Soviet Democrat Party. Too many GOP Rhinos have sold out too it also, especially in regard to amnesty issue.

If this is the attitude that all these supposed minority groups want to take, maybe it is good" racism" to take a stand against them!? Is there such a thing as....good racism? To answer that question I would have to go to the main source of our founding fathers....the Bible! Maybe this issue needs to not only be address politically, but religiously and Biblically. If the Lord commands "racism", then is it not good racism?

He commanded such in the beginning in the book of Genesis. After Cain slew Abel, Adams seed was told not to marry with the seed of Cain or the curse of "dark skin" applied to him and his posterity would also apply to them. The scriptures constantly say that if you live the Lord's Commandments, you will be blessed, and if not, you will be cursed! I call it the spiritual law of gravity. This promise was renewed when Joshua lead the Israelites across the Jordon River to conquer a wicked people.

Its a good thing the UN did not exist then, or the wicked would have won. Throughout history the Lord has allowed all cultures, including apostate Christian cultures, to be destroyed. The author of life has the right to take life and declare a death penalty. The law is there and man determines the outcome. Does not America sit at such a juncture in history now? Does not the Creator treat all wicked...and righteous...cultures the same? Is this the reason we are being invaded from the south?.....and betrayed from within?

Why do not , even our "good" legislators understand the documented "slow invasion" from the south, which for decades has been under the control of the Communist International? Lenin said he would force the United States to spend itself into destruction. Has not this not done so??? One should read the hate quotes at the end of the illegal immigration issue at How about, " We have got to eliminate the gringo. And what I mean is, if worse comes to worse, we have got to kill him." Is not this racism of the evil variety, as even used against Sheriff Arpaio in Phoenix, AZ? Is not this a statement of war!?

When will our legislators get it!! There should be NO AMNESTY period! You don't reward an invasion force! The vast majority of them corrupted their own country or did not have the same character our founders had in establishing our free nation. They lack the religion and morality to do so. They have not come here to protect Lady Liberty, but to sleep with her and steal her money. All they have taught their children to do by example is to cheat and steal from the American taxpayer.

And yes, we can send them back. Eisenhower sent millions back and so can we. Most will leave on their own if the benefits are cut off. Just ask Oklahoma. The "can'titis" tactic is primarily coming from the communist progressive left. We must not allow our founding culture to be replace by one too decayed to save their own country. If "evil white culture" is destroyed or surplanted, America is destroyed. Such is the goal of Islam in Europe and in the United States. It is also the goal the Hispanic invasion. Its stated goal take back the southwest and create the "state" of Atzlan.

To attack our "white" religion and morality is the real racism. The term white may also represent VIRTUE, as in chastity. The color white in our national flag stands for virtue, the first requirement of a nation under God. The Creator does not grant the blessings of LIBERTY to people who are not. It appears the darker one's skin gets, the lower the morality. Blacks are too black and whites are not white enough!

The Bible promises that through the seed of Abraham all nations will be blessed. Our Constitution is an inspired "Banner of Liberty" and meant to be shared and copied by other nations. The degree to which they do so determines their level of freedom and prosperity. Those who refuse to, become corrupt tyrannies begging for our foreign aid.

Maybe all these morally decayed "minorities should develop a greater sense of gratitude for the Europeon culture that founded this nation and gave them a chance to be virtuous and gain liberty. Instead, they are taking their "red" heinies down to our legislatures demanding social programs to cover their sins. The spiritual law of gravity has hit them hard. They need someone else's body and money or they "can't get no satisfaction".

Why are we seeing such a strong propaganda attack against the "White Republican Party"? It is not racism to protect our founding culture. If white culture doesn't, who will? We have the right to control who comes into our homes, and thereby our country. There is no such thing as a right to come into either. It is a privilege that must be earned through trustworthy conduct.

"White" culture founded this nation, and only "white "culture will save it! Is it not time for us to stand together against all dark forces within our land? If the charge of RACISM is used, you can bet there is a red behind....behind it! They need to" clean their own dirty doorsteps" before they have any right to judge anyone. Those black minorities that do and don't accept communism are called "uncle Tom's" and aunt Jemima's".

The seed of Abraham refers to not only lineage but also virtuous culture. And the seed of Cain applied not only to "a skin of blackness", but to all who are wicked. All have a chose as to which they will be. And on this 4th of July, whether to be RED....or...RED,WHITE, and BLUE.