Red Racism in America Part II

Tuesday, 7/23/2013

Red Racism in America Part II

Back in the 60's, "Rev." Martin Luther King lead marches for civil rights in numerous cities. Coincidentally, riots broke out after he left. During that time period eventually 100 cities were set on fire. Now we have demonstrations in 100 cities lead by Al Sharpton because the CPUSA didn't get the result they wanted. Will they eventually follow the old party slogan of years gone by: "Burn Baby, Burn" or "Get Whitey"; if they don't get a successful indictment from Eric Holder and the Justice(?) Department?

This is a cherry-picked case while all the incidents of black on white violence are ignored, another sign of red racism. In the O.J. Simpson trial, a juror said it was time to get even. Where was the justice there? Non-blacks didn't hit the streets and shout "no justice, no peace", stage demonstrations across the nation, or threaten life and property.

Our President again tried to inflame the situation by saying that Trayvon Martin could have been him years ago. He probably was.....but only worse. Obama has tried this tactic on a few previous occasions, but failed. Eric holder sent people into Sanford, FL to demand removal of the police chief, because he did not have the required evidence to arrest Zimmerman; and the court decision proved the chief correct. In corrupt tyrannies, you keep trying until you get the verdict you want. If not, you do what the NAACCP demands. Do whatever it takes: riot,block traffic, destroy property, and threaten life. Like the communist controlled gays did to those in CA who supported Prop. 8.

A black FBI agent(obviously an Aunt Jemima) said giving MLK a national holiday would be like raising the Red Flag over America. Such is the goal of Jackson, Sharpton, and their party of treason today. The "Rev." King's FBI file was so offensive that it had to locked up for 75 years to hide the real facts about him from the nation, or he wouldn't have gotten the holiday over our two greatest "White" presidents. Not only was he controlled by the CPUSA (he attended and taught in their schools), but had a long record of adulterous affairs. His virtue was as false as his stand for non-violence. He united with such violent groups as SNCC and CORE.

He seems to have passed his traditions down to Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton. They all could have played lead roles in the movie "Buck and the Preacher". Of course they both had to show up in WI in support of the communist controlled unions. If you don't agree with them, you get their favorite slogan shouted in your face....FU... you racist, Nazi, homophobe! They love doing it to people and nations. Blacks are still too black and Whites are not white enough.

There should be a death penalty for those who raise an insurrection or take a life illegally. Those who belong to groups whose purpose is the overthrow of the United States Government, should not have a license to gather in public places. Communities should have the right to make that decision.

The main purpose of the 100 city rallies is to make it easier for criminals to assault law abiding citizens. They want to get rid of the "stand your ground" laws. Such is the nature of communism. Protect the criminal against the natural consequences of his actions. They don't like states with the death penalty either. All we have to do now to get rid of these black radicals and Hollywood leftists is to have these laws in every state!? Didn't they promise to boycott them?

Will they self-deport themselves; not likely. Moscow wants them here! Moscow wants all the illegal immigrants here too. My how they love to hide behind children! The communists are running an add saying we must not punish the children for the actions of their parents. My Tea Party Senator has fallen for it. Well, if they don't pay for their parents sins, does that means I'm supposed to pay for them?

The other clever line of agitprop to get us not to defend our rights states: "we are all immigrants!" So therefore we must allow a CPUSA controlled invasion with its objective of taking back US territory!? No, we are not all immigrants: most were born here. My congressman has fallen for this argument using it in a reply letter to me. You do not reward invaders. You tell them where to go....back home.

I have a great plan for the "chicken GOP". (1) NO AMNESTY for anyone!!!, (2) You are going home sooner or later. We will find you some day and (3) cut off all your thieving benefits. So your chose is to go home now, or later. The cowardice of our representatives in the face of the enemy is not a pretty sight. In fact, it might even be considered TREASON!

The responsibility of the supposed conservative Republicans is not to blink and compromise with the "enemy domestic". It means the enemy still wins and can still keep calling for such compromises until he gets all he wants. "Stand Your Ground" should be the battle cry of the GOP....until reinforcements arrive. And as for all the blacks and hispanics that want to bring death to Whitey, I end with a quote from George H.W. Bush. He it used on the families of Vietnam POWs who pressed him for more information and action. I've often used it as a teacher: "Shut-up and sit-down!".