Social Insecurity........Commie-care,......and Bernie Madoff !

Wednesday, 8/19/2009

Social Insecurity........Commie-care,......and Bernie Madoff !

So, what do these three have common? A desire to make quick easy money without much personal effort. Isn't that the basic formula for a PONZI game? FDR started the first one, and Obama is finishing us off with the latter. Most everyone seems to want Bernie Madoff Government!

Why would you want to give the same people who messed up social security control of your healthcare? As the mob says, "there's a sucker born every minute. WHEN WILL WE EVER LEARN? So much time and energy is being spent on a bad idea! The idea that you have the right to take from your neighbor what you need. Normally that would be called stealing.

In Russia or China it is called communism. In America it called progressive or liberal. The common slogan is,"we are all in this together!" That works out well for the low and lazy, the thief, or the rapist. Socialism leads to minimum this and minimum that with equal insecurity for all. Like a dog chasing its tail, some never learn, and keep on going in the same useless circle. The same moral or immoral plan will always gets the same result.

All day long for days past and on into the future. the socialists will try to convince us to built another house on sand. And, this time it will work!? But, that's life on the plantation. Instead of freedom, peace, and prosperity: we get government jobs, equal injustice, and low equally. It sure makes the owner wealthy and even provides a certain amount of personal pleasure.

As Norman Vincent Peale once said, "America used to roar for liberty, but now she bleats for security." And, where did the ideas for social security, medicare, healthcare and the Dept. of Education come from? Try reading a book written by the head of the communist party in 1932 titled, "TOWARD a SOVIET AMERICA."