Sotomeyer-world citizen

Monday, 7/27/2009

Sotomeyer-world citizen

Propaganda from the left threatens anyone who will not vote to confirm Sonia Sotomayer to the Supreme Court with the label "racist". So who is the real racist? Supporting the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund, she opposed rein- statement of the death penalty in NY agreeing with their statement,"capital punishment represents ongoing racism within our society".

Sotomeyer has been a member and officer of the National Council of LaRaza. Former congressman, Tom Tancrado, refers to them as a Latino KKK. It's goal is to help, along with MEChA, take back the Southwest and form AZTLAN. MEChA stands for Movement for the Education of Chichanos in Aztlan. It would appear she believes in "putting group rights above individual rights" per AIM(Accuracy In Media). Is this why she ruled against the white firefighters?

At St. Johns Law School, she "spoke about the permissible use of international law by American courts. ACLU Judge Ginsberg used this argument in deciding the Texas sodomy case. Judge Sotomeyer spoke before the communist ACLU of Puerto Rico in opposition to the death penalty for cop killer Troy Davis.

But the main reason she should be rejected as a nominee is her statement about being a "citizen of the world". Such is the title President Obama adheres to also. It is code for communist international "citizen". Such a person cannot take a legitimate oath of allegiance to our sovereign nation.

Our nation was formed to be different from the rest the world! That's why the rest of the world wants to come here. This has been conveyed to all the Republican members of the Judiciary Committee. Hopefully they will stand together against the ACLU party and like a famous general at the Battle of the Bulge, Shout, "Nuts!".