The Diaper Invasion

Sunday, 6/22/2014

The Diaper Invasion-RR/Part IV

I often think of Joshua in the Bible leading Israel across the Jordan River to cleanse the land promised to Abraham's posterity. If the UN existed then, he would have been stopped, or told to pay reparations to the wicked. He might have been told to adopt their children. The reverse is now taking place on the Rio Grande River. The wicked are crossing to eliminate the "new Israel", America, at the behest of a wicked and treasonous president.

A key characteristic of Communism is forced association. The Soviet Democrat Welfare State Party is again forcing us onto an adoption program without our consent. Local communities should at least be given a chose whether to accept them or not. Remember, under communism, all children belong to the state. As Wilcow of the Blaze has said, they will be forced into "red" states in order to turn them 2016? They will be provided homes in government affordability housing projects, sans the failed War on Poverty projects of Chicago. Laws are already in process to provide them all the benefits they need. And they can fly without going through normal TSA procedures. In a few years those "youth" will be able to vote. Maybe the women will be voting this fall!?

Where is the money for this? Obama has billions to help them, but none for our veterans(they are primarily white)...or even just 250 million to repair our deteriorating National Parks. Obama wants 3-4 billion for this crisis, when 2.5 billion would complete the fence and solve the problem. As Joel Skousen states in his World Affairs Brief(.com), "Flooding Europe with Muslims and America with Latinos is a key part of the globalist agenda to create ethnic conflict, overwhelm traditional conservative voting patterns, and take advantage of immigrants far higher birth rate to permanently alter Western Culture."

BABO is setting up a 50 million dollar per year resort in TX to help them transition(invade) into our country. They also get foods stamps to spend at Walmart. Pope Benedict has come down on the side of the Communist Internationale!?....encouraging the United States to take them all. That only acerbates the problem, signaling an all out invasion of our country. The Catholic church, just like all the communist front churches set up in our land are making deals(taking government bribes) to accept these people. Again, where is the money to pay for this? The Catholic church has so much money, why don't they take them to Rome? This, like false wars, will bust our budgets and force us to spend ourselves into destruction....Lenin's long established goal!

LBJ's great Society of unconstitutional programs like Medicare, Medicaid, public housing, food stamps, and direct federal aid to education trapped millions in poverty and permanent dependency. President Kennedy(the great adulterer, much like his VP) was the first to grant amnesty to three million invaders. Ronald Reagan(a womanizer in his own rite) made a similar mistake to the tune of 8 million(they had to get the adults in first and then finish off with the children). And now BABO(Benedict Arnold Barack Obama) is exploding the problem.

Rush Limbaugh outlined the history of immigration in the U.S., but never attributed the present crisis to its source?....Moscow and its 50 year plan of "slow invasion". Our controlled media has done nothing to reveal it, since its goal is to encourage it; as it has done in the problem countries. Putting more agents on the border will not solve the problem. Finishing the fence could cut the invasion down by 95%. That won't happen either. Why? TREASON is the REASON! And that is AFACT in AMERICA!

Isn't this just a continuation of Obama's race war against America? Hate America and "get whitey" are the slogans he lives by. Our President and his party of treason does all our enemies would want done to us . He will transform us into a soviet country with the masses equally poor. This is being done behind the two communist promoted lies: that we are a nation of im- migrants...and that we are all in it together. Since when do the law breakers have a right to what those who keep the law have? What hath God to do with Mammon? We don't need morally decayed "poor" people immigrating to America. Would we take them if they were from Nazi Germany? I think not!

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 scrapped a system that had worked well since 1924, replacing Western Europeans with Latinos, Africans, and Asians; thus increasing the welfare and public education costs. 'Reagan wrote in his diary: "I'm trying to undo the Great Society. It was LBJ's war on poverty that led to this mess." It was the most expensive failure in our history.'(the Phyllis Schlafly Report-June 2014) The federal government is now five times as big as it was in 1964.

We need the kind of people that came on the Mayflower. Why is European white culture held back for those who do not have the character to keep America strong? Where is there another culture that can build another America? If you take the "minorities" out of the United States, you get the great country we once were. If you take "White" culture out, you get the mess that exists south of the border; you get a communist country! Why haven't they adopted our moral and constitutional principles. If they did, they would be prosperous enough to stay home, and not need to come here and trespass against us. "Socialism destroys every prosperous economy."

This is just another example of the red race war promoted by our fifth column in America run by the communist UN, the Democrat Party, and Obama(and the Rino GOP). Our president is also trying to not only free the Guantanamo prisoners, but also those Communists we now have in jail!? The more economic pressure brought to bear on all levels of government, the more, dangerous criminals will be set free!

Some pundits think there is still something within him and his wife that can be reached. Tis not so! Pure evil is unreachable. It was so with such men as Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin. It is so with mafia dons. And it is so with our black Lenin president. He is literally a red S.O.B. As blunt as that is, doesn't that come to mind every time he betrays us again? Quit making excuses for his planned, not accidental, actions! Even FDR said, "nothing happens in politics by accident". The Soviet socialist system has everything planned at least 20 years in advance. There are only three ways to deal with such people: shape up, ship out, or die! The latter seems the only way to deal with pure evil. Obama should be impeached for many offenses, but Moscow has to much control of our Senate for that to happen.

He has become only the fourth President to visit an Indian nation in the United States. Jesse Jackson III has decided black people need to join the Tea Party(you can bet it will not be to stand for TP principles, but to create "racist" disruption). Due to past political signals sent by Obama, a flood of "children" are crossing our border and doing what Lenin called for: overwhelming the our system and "forcing the United States to spend itself into destruction."

If there is a problem on our borders, you can safely bet Moscow is behind it! All that is bad for our country originates there. Cuba tried a similar stunt with the Mariel boat people, shipping their worst criminals to FL. This tactic will continue until we stand firm against it. As Stalin once said, "we spit in their face, and they call it Dew!" BABO has done so through Benghazi, the IRS, the VA, and his Marxist race games. They stated years ago, either Communism or Americanism will win, and it will be Communism. It is now winning not only on our borders, but through the "War on Women", Homosexuality, Healthcare, minimum wage, and legalization of drugs they send into our country.

The communists love to hide behind women and children! They booby trapped them in Vietnam and dared our soldiers to make a very difficult decision. Now they are forcing them across our borders and daring us to stop them. Of course if we do, we are the heartless, evil, and rich Gringos that need to be killed. It would be much cheaper to fly them back, but that would defeat Putin's plan of infiltration and destruction.

And what do all these events have in common?...the union of all rainbow coalition races(the proletariat) in a racist attack on "White" America. The UN already has a plan to give back all the land "white people took from the Indians". The influx of children aids the communist Hispanic goal of taking back the Southwest. The "Slow Invasion" has been coordinated by the Communist Internationale, through various country's democratic socialistic parties for over forty years!.

The goal was to encircle the United States with leftist governments. They have had great success in Central and South America. They have placed their agents at the head of many governments in Europe, and our country too. Now the word has gone out through the red networks in the countries south of our border to finish off America with this latest flood of women and children(most probably born, like BABO, the commie way....out of wedlock).

This is not a matter of age; this is a matter of principle!...a matter of sovereignty and property rights. No one is responsible for other families or their children in other local and state communities...or those in any other country, except by personal chose. No government has the right to force you to care for anyone else. Bad people do not have a right to the help and property of good people, especially without their consent. Glen Beck is sending truckloads of food to them. Won't that acerbate the problem? It should be conditional on them leaving.

Our leaders will not close and protect our borders because both parties are leading us into a North American Union with Canada and Mexico in the name of regional security!? The U.S. Constitution would become null and void in favor of the UN charter based on the Soviet Constitution. It is unfortunate that there isn't a Governor in the land with the ability or courage to reveal this information. Gov. Perry thinks this is a humanitarian crisis. No! It is an invasion crisis!...and you do not reward invader tactics. And it would do as much good to invite our president to see the border as it would to invite Putin to take a look and do something about it!?

The National Association of Former Agents stated, "This is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predicable, orchestrated, and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor Illegal Alien children at risk for purely political purposes. Certainly, we are not gullible enough to believe that thousands of unaccompanied minor Central American children came to America without the encouragement, aid, and assistance of the United States.....I doubt even the Cartels would under take that chore at any price. No, it has to be heartless, corrupt politicians and their minions lusting for more money and power." It would require collusion between the U.S. and Mexican governments.

Yes, the enemy within is far greater than the enemy without. This movement has been lead by traitors in the White House and Congress. Both the Bush GOP and the Obama commie-crats have become a new "british" class betraying us from within. They too, don't like the Tea Party. Dave Brat won in VA because he represents something they don't....a country founded on virtue and the U.S. Constitution. The latest example of their shenanigans can be found in Mississippi. And again, black culture has betrayed us. They bowed to their modern day plantation owners.

I suggested six years ago that we declare war on Mexico and free those people. It makes more sense than the continuing war in the middle east. As Vietnam Veteran, I could see the present Iraq situation coming. I am one who believes the WMD's were there, but as in Vietnam, it was an unconstitutional war, undeclared by Congress. The Pueblo incident never happened! But the adultery of Kennedy and Johnson did! They sold that lie and it cost us 58,000 dead and our first lost war. Now were looking at a second in Iraq. The politicians have done it again!

But if a country like Mexico crosses our borders and shoots our officers, if they encourage their people to invade our country and trespass against us and kill our citizens, or help Moscow run drugs and agents into our country, that is not an act of war!? Our President aids those who trespass against us and should be impeached....along with Biden too...and how about Holder?

A war with them would not last long, but sure would get their attention. Then we could demand the terms for peace. They would pay with their oil for the cost of it ...and also for all the illegal immigration they encouraged. THEY would be required to close their borders and control them as they do on their southern border. They could be given a SHORT time to do so before we would act.

Thomas B. Macaulay stated in 1842 that: "Your republic will be ravaged in the 20th Century just as the Roman Empire was in the 5th...your barbarians will be the people of your own country and products of your own institutions."

Robert K. Thomas wrote: "Citizenship may be more than a matter of birth or formal naturalization. For unless one truly promotes the common welfare of his country(liberty), he is an alien in the oldest sense of that term; estranged from his fellows. Citizenship is a declaration of dependence upon one another(and a declaration of independence from government), a recognition that only in unity is there strength and security that is MORAL as well as physical. The natural expression of that identification and that security is PATRIOTISM!"

America needs more "WHITE" power! The cartels of drug riddled Mexico have already infiltrated 3000 American cities. We should set those people free. It's too bad we don't have a President like Theodore Roosevelt. He would say, "Tahmooressi alive!....or ? dead!