The Electoral College

Friday, 3/26/2010

The Electoral College

There is a movement afoot to abolish the electoral college and replace it with the popular vote. To understand why, one must first understand the basic differences between a Republic and a democracy.

I've heard democracy described as "two wolves and a lamb voting on what they will have for lunch". Decisions are made based upon majority vote irregardless of life, property, or Natural Law. A society cannot long function without a set of irrefutable unchanging laws and principles.

The Law of Gravity and the Three Laws of Motion are consistent physical principles. Such typical laws apply socially and economically as well and cannot be changed by majority vote. We can be like lemmings in these areas, but the result will always be the same.

Under a Republic, the property rights and thereby the life of the lamb would be protected by the Law. Why work for anything when a "gang" can come along and vote you out of it? That can also be called socialism, a polite word for stealing from your neighbor.

When a group of thieves get together, they form some kind of democrat-TIC party.

In order to destroy our Republic from within, the former Soviet Union formed a progressive party to move us toward a democracy.

Disbanding in the fifties, they were ordered to infiltrate the two main american parties. It's easy to see which one they have had the most success in, especially when taking into account the Communist controlled homosexual movement.

In the spirit of democracy, they want to get rid of the electoral college. This flies in the face of representative government. The purpose of the college was to have electors who would know and could judge the candidates.

Under the banner of progressivism and with the help of certain Wall St. forces, they were able to remove the great compromise made at the Constitutional Convention, and make the Senate into another body of popular vote.

It reduced us from a Republic to a democracy, where passions bare sway over principles. States can no longer be a check against the power of the federal government. It is that same passion that wants an end to the electoral college.

The key to this issue is voter fraud. Even under the current system Texas and Chicago were famous for illegal votes in the Nixon-Kennedy presidential race in 1963-64. If we remove the college system, then one community or county would have the power to determine the outcome of not only local, but state and federal elections. The electoral college needs to be kept in place to limit voter fraud...and preserve our Republic!