The God is Dead Party?

Sunday, 9/9/2012

The God is Dead Party?

"God is Dead" is an old communist party slogan from the 60's, along with "make love, not war" and "if it feels good, do it!". True to form, they were for it before they were against it,... before they were for it!? They like to hide behind scripture when calling for wealth redistribution, but then vote to keep God out of the platform...and the classroom. They may have learned faster than the French did after the French Revolution. Nothing got better in France until their legislature finally voted that there was a Creator after all!

The communists have a four step program for destroying our country from within: 1) destroy God!, 2) destroy the family(by destroying moral values), destroy property rights, and 4) protect criminals and keep them on the streets. The "party" in Charlotte was very impressive for all the wrong reasons...the reasons just listed.

We should just call this the ACLU convention. This communist founded group supports all of the foregoing goals. The ACLU supports gay marriage and the homosexual movement; so do the Democrats. It supports wealth transfer through socialist taxing laws; so do the Democrats. It is against the death penalty, "harsh" laws against crime, restitution to the victim, and 2nd admendment rights of self-defense; so are the Democrats.

If this party claims to be the party of virtue, you couldn't have fooled me! During the first night of the convention they had a memorial to the "great" womanizing Ted Kennedy. He never could out do his brother, John though. And did they not also have the great lesbian Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, running for US Senator in WI, speak also.

The second night was even better with the floosy Fluke and Billy butt on board. Ms Fluke of course became famous for her goal of pleasure at government expense. Talk about passing the butt! What a pair they make. I wonder...? Now remember, Bill Clinton said he did not have sex with that woman! And everything he said in his speech was absolutely the truth!?

He seemed to emphasize that third class of lies...called statistics. He was already guilty of the first two classes--lies and dam lies. Your know what his theme song should be!? The same one could be used for Biden, Obama, and the whole party. The one about sweet little lies... and they're not all that sweet...or little.

We heard about how "we are all in it together", another marxist slogan, from Joe Biden. Sounds like something you say in a whorehouse or at a bank robbery. "What hath God to do with Mammon?" And we know how Bill loves to be seen carrying a Bible. Is this his get out of jail free card? Bill just loved to provide for Monica's NEEDS, and we know how Democrats feel our PAIN...but not in the pocketbook.

They are the party of "Robin Hood". The European kings robbed from the poor to give to the rich(them), and now the democrats want to rob from the "rich" and give to the poor. Both are robbery(transfering wealth) and both are wrong. It is one thing to restore what has been taken(restitution) and another to take what isn't yours to give.

The Constitution was set up to prevent four things: force(the mob deal you can't refuse), monopoly(government social programs), crime, and debauchery of public morals....everything the commie-rats stand for! Do not healthcare, social security, free condoms and birth-control, and takeovers of business by government have all these characteristics? You will take the deal...or else! Where is the principle of liberty and individual free chose?

There is opposition in all things and every country has to deal with its fifth column parties. From the time of FDR to the present, the Democrat Party has become the party through which low people can gain high places. The first Catholic lead the nation in adultery; so did Bill Clinton. The first black is a Marxist loyal to Lenin, Castro, and Chavez. Do you want to guess what the first woman President will be like? Just look at the Tammy Baldwin in WI.... or Hillairy Clinton

Criminals believe in a system of reward without work and offense without punishment. And, so do the Democrats....and some Republicans! They don't believe in the natural consequences of free chose and always want to pass the buck of fault...and someone else. Keep those criminals safe and on the streets without fear of citizen gun ownership.

Joesph Biden and President "comrade" Obama would have made Lenin and Stalin proud(to say nothing of Fidel Castro). Both talked about needs as though they were rights and how they need "another five-year plan" to accomplish their goals of change. Just trust them a little longer! How's that sound froggie? And we need more of those "commie" womens rights--the right to marry whomever you want to marry...and to sleep with whomever you want at government expense.

As J. Edgar Hoover taught, the main goal of the CPUSA is to weaken the governmental, economic, social, and moral structure of these United States. It advocates something of interest for everyone. Through the process of subversion, Lenin said he would force America to spend itself into destruction and Kruschev said we would fall like a ripe plum. The CPUSA says re-electing Obama is "absolutely essential". Since 1988, they have not run their own candidates for president or vice-president, preferring to work through the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party, has become the party of tyrannies and moral decay, whether fascist, nazi, or communist. Some believe the mob controls this party. George Soros sure seems to. It has become the party for people who just cannot measure up! their equal responsibilities. It has become the whore and the poor party.. and you evil rich people must provide for their needs... or else! are a homophobe and a "blue-nose".

The liberals, lead by stawarts such as Soviet stooge Henry Wallace and FDR, dedicated themselves to mainstreaming Communist ideals into America. They not only betrayed America's national defense objectives, but aimed to destroy America from the inside with their relentless attacks on morality.... and the truth. Vladimir Lenin said the act of sex should be as simple and unimportant as drinking a glass of water. As the French author de Tocqueville said, "no free communities ever existed without morals....Morals are the work of women".(but not Ms. Fluke or Tammy Baldwin)

As our president has said, we must not let the advances(of communism) that have taken years to accomplish(though fabian socialism) to be reversed by those evil rich republicans. The (soviet)revolution is too close at hand to quit now. We know it takes time, but we must persevere until it is complete. Obama wants to turn our country into his version of South Africa. Are you ready for that?

Are we better off than four years ago? Will we be better off four years from now with another of his four year plans? Like he said, the time is short and we must not give up the battle now. What will be your chose, more of the same, or real American Constitutional change? Even Chuck Norris gets it. As he said on the Mike Huckabee show, this is our last chance to save our liberties or we will face a long period of dark consequences.

All FREEMEN must ACT....NOW!