Tuesday, 5/24/2011


Those in the military know this refers to the Situation Report It is simular to a State of the Union speech, but focuses on the strength and logistics of an enemy force. It is the duty of a commander to give the best intelligence to his forces before they go into battle in order to ensure the quickest victory with the least causualties.

That is the manner in which we will approach all issues, for we do have a very serious internal enemy threat. Just look at the Tucson, AZ school situation. Our enemies have a vested interest in a certain outcome on every issue. Generally they want more government control over our lives, less virtue, and more transfer of wealth.

With the Russian Revolution of 1917 came an immediate plan for infiltration and subversion of western governments. The primary goal was to encircle the United States with such countries and also topple us from within. Through Tojan Horse organizations, our country as Lenin said, has been forced to spend itself in destruction.

The conquest of America by Marxist forces was to take many years: "First we will take Eastern Europe; then the masses of Asia. Then we will encircle the United States of America which will be the last bastian of Capitalism. We will not have to attack it; it will fall like an over-ripe fruit into our hands....Their plan first of all is to take Asia, then Africa, next Europe and finally America."1

The Seventh World Congress of the Communist International took place in Moscow on August 2, 1935. Banners emblazed with the Hammer and Sickle bore slogans like: "Workers of the World Unite!" amd "Down with Capitalism".

More than 50 governments issued passports to these agents of sedition and revolt to receive instructions on the ways and means destroy the governments they came from. They called for a new Trojan Horse strategy and quickly launched the American Youth Congress and the American League for Peace and Security.

This new strategy involved the use of a refugee relief program to get their agents into the United States where they could operate in conjunction with their American associates. Does not the immigration problem we have today fall within this plan?....with the help of our President?

"A very large proportion of the communists who now plot through Trojan Horse methods to destroy the American government and institutions came to this country as refugees."2 They play upon "America"s hospitality as a cover under which to plot revolution" and take advantage of our "sentimental liberalism".

Trojan Horse operations may also be called fifth column organizations, communist fronts, or Transmission Belts. Millions of gullible citizens have been hoodwinked into joining and working for them. Just look at AZ and WI. There are fifth columns of espionage and sabotage we are very familiar with as applies to radical Islam, but are we missing the motivating forces behind them, inherent in international communism, which began much sooner?

Fifth columns of propaganda may be even more menacing to our national security. They are now taking place in relation to EVERY major issue in politics today. One simple example from the past relates to the topic of nuclear power plants. As documented in a book written by Eric Skousen 3, the Soviets had to stop us from developing nuclear energy independence because they knew if they could not keep up with us and they would lose the "cold war". Do Jane Fonda and Three Mile Island ring a bell?

The ignorance and carelessness of the average citzen are among the communists best aids. Such information as you have read today will never be taught in our government schools systems thanks to the communist founded ACLU and its sister organization, the NEA. They have suceeded in keeping both religion and morality, the two "great pillors" we are founded upon, out of the classroom.

Their actions were very clear at the Madison demonstrations. Their main goal has always been to gain control of unions before the final revolution. They will use SEIU thugs to threaten people and even shout obsenities at a 13 year old girl speaking in Madison. There is no end to it unless we stand strong along side our Governor. Remember the end justifies the means for them!

The Communists have spent almost 100 years immigrating tens of thousands into the United States and ifiltrating ALL walks of American life. They are now positioned to deliver the "Coup de grace" to America. It has begun in Arizona is continuing in the midwest.

They now control not only the UN, but also the Democrat party and and the American Presidency. A second generation russian became Governor of Illinois and look at the mess they are in! For that matter look at CA too. In the next 18 months, we are in perilous danger of permanently losing our LIBERTY and our way of life!

The ICCC(International Communist Criminal Conspiracy) is so strong in our land that an unknown community organizer could come out of nowhere and become not only an IL Senator with international acclaim, but also President of these United States! Will we stand with the patriots of old? What will we, as FREEMEN and women, do about it?

I will close with a quote for you to ponder from Archibald Roosevelt of the House committee on subversion during the WW II era:

"Most people don't realize that the KREMLIN HAS ALREADY INVADED AMERICA. The reason most Americans are not conscious of this invasion is due the fact that it has been going on for 39 years. The Soviet leaders have moved entire divisions of their political army into our country unnoticed by all except a few security-minded citizens. These Red forces are a political army which is civilian in appearance and walk the streets of America indistinquishable from the rest of the population. Their weapons of war consist of infiltration into government, education, finance, and communication by subversion, disruption, poisonous propaganda, and espionage. They are largely an invisible enemy acting behind fronts, and therefore difficult to pinpoint. Operating as a disciplined and dedicated force they insinuate themselves into various sensitive and key areas of our society."

1. The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen

2. The Trojan Horse in America by Cong. Martin Dies.

3. The Nuclear War by Eric Shousen