The Touchy-Feelly Holidays

Wednesday, 11/24/2010

The Touchy-Feelly Holidays

Abraham Lincoln said in his 1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation,"It is the duty of all nations as well as recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations are blessed whose God is the Lord....we have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown.....But we have forgotten God!

As we look at the latest airport screening procedures, the last statement is obvious. Is this the conduct of a Christian people? Or, is it more appropriate of a fascist or Soviet government? Once the TSA becomes unionized, we may call it the KGB or GRU.(Shades of SEIU?) One should read a book by David Lewis titled, "Sexpionage" or a report titled "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars".

The latter refers to people as just mindless cattle. Is that what we have become? In the book and movie, "Time Machine" the spirit of liberty had so died within the people that they willingly submitted to the loss of their lives without any resistance. Is this just a test to see how much abuse we will submit to? Wm Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, once said, "Tyranny begins where Gods leaves off".

As Benjamin Franklin intimated, if we give up freedom for security, maybe we deserve neither. Osama bin Laden must be laughing! his grave? Talk about the "Mouse that Roared"! We still want to see our President lead the way with his own family and set the example with a full pat-down in public view. Come on now, let's see that great leadership ability! What's good for the GOOSE good for the gander.

In my run for public office, I posted two rules, one for the individual and one for the government. First, "Don't cause problems for other people to pay for." and second, "Keep your socialist hands of my money, my property, and my body....and I want them right now!".

Winston Churchill once described socialism as "the equal sharing of misery". Does misery love company? Why should one or two persons be able to destroy the dignity of a whole people? This smacks of "agent provocateurism" by the government.

My first response to the new TSA procedures was that of pity or sympathy for the workers. How low must one go to make a living? The "gay" community must just love this job!? Heathens have no limit. How do you wake up in the morning looking forward to groping and feeling people up all day long?

Do them a favor too... and stop this nonsense. And why would people submit to it publically? Has the Spirit of Liberty died within them also? Why should everyone be treated as though they are under arrest just for coming to an airport? What is the next step?...take your pants down and bent over? Someone deserves a swift kick for this holiday present.

How does a soldier go out to battle knowing that his children, wife, or parents are being subjected to such abuse? It doesn't do much for this veteran. There are times when we know that "the law is an ass!". The tail is wagging the dog. I for one am tired of hearing the rationalizations of the TSA administrator, John Pistole. Enough is enough! He ought to go work for a "socialist" country...or maybe he is?

Of course there is a large segment of our society that will lie down for anything. Those on what we politely call the left are going along with this. For them it is better to be red than dead. Is this Americanism or "communism"? They believe the human body is communal property...a recreational vehicle. The Communist founded ACLU is pretending to be against it.

Congressman Ron Paul says there is something wrong with us if we tolerate it and has introduced a Traveler's Dignity Act to end it. Again, is this the conduct of Freemen or tyrants? It is hardly the conduct of Christians.. or appropriate for the holidays. What we need is a little "liberating strife".

It's time to take a stand. I will not fly and that is my free choice. Find another way boys and girls. The next thing we may hear are discrimination complaints about being limited to one sex. They should be able to pat-down anyone.

There are always those who will sell out liberty for profits and big business has done it again. Is it better to be socialist than dead...or shall Freemen stand?(from "America the Beautiful") What ever happened to "give me liberty, or give me death"? This the death of dignity. The TSA and all those who submit to these procedures have obviously lost theirs. That is... AFACT!