The Wirt Tragedy

This is a chapter title from a book by Dan Van Gorder, "Ill Fares the Land". A small group of socialist minded lawyers at Harvard under the sponsorship of Prof. Felix Frankfurter were able to, in a matter of a few months, gain enough working room in the Dept. of Agriculture to force through Congress the Agricultural Adjustment Act(AAA). This was mentioned earlier as the "Ware" cell made up of former Harvard law professors, including the famous Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, Lauchlin Currie, John Abt, Lee Pressman, and Nathan Witt.

The stated purpose of the AAA(1929) was to halt farm bankruptcies. The real reason was to socialize the farmer and America. It became the means of buying the farmer's birthright and breaking down the whole individualistic system of America, driving the whole country onto relief and thus making the capitalistic system commit suicide. FDR said in his first inaugural address that the government owed every man a living. The farmers formed the chief obstacle to Socialism. The goal was to Sovietize American Agriculture. By excessive urbanization(94% in 1966) and robbing the people of self sustaining agriculture, the nation would be placed at the mercy of foreign trade in a rapidly communizing world. FDR recognized Russia in 1933(while they were starving the Ukrainians). We saved them again in WWII. If you want to know why, ask our Wall Street Bankers who originally funded the Russian Revolution. I believe it was Gen. Patton who said more people are now living under tyranny than at the start of the war.

Back to Mr. Wirt. He was the Superintendent of schools on Gary, IN and a very successful and respected man in the community. On a visit to Washington D.C., he was invited to nearby Virginia for dinner at the home of Dept. of Education employee.. Four other government employees were present plus a representative of the Soviet newspaper, Tass.!? Astonished by what he heard, he later testified to a congressional committee, six main goals they had for collectivism.

1) Economic recovery would be thwarted for the purpose of prolonging public destitution and distress.

2) FORCE everybody onto government relief.

3) Discredit business and entice labor, management, education, and farmers to join the program.

4) To gain these ends, destroy the America of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln and build a new America on the r


5) By careful propaganda break down our financial structures and push the Federal Government into the role of

lending. Uncle Sam must follow his money with control and management.

6) Compel newspapers and magazines to favorably support their crusade through the control of advertising.

They said that Roosevelt was "in the middle of a swift stream". They called him the Kerensky of this revolution. They were unanimous in their praise of Henry Wallace(of Dept. of Agriculture fame and later VP to FDR) and Rexford Tugwell(later author of the "Newstates Constitution", which we will get if we fall for a COS--a convention of the states).

When Dr. Wirt appeared before the congressional committee, Henry Ford I provided former Senator James Reed(D-MO) as his legal protect him from the committee. Instead of being treated as a useful citizen offering evidence of a real and present danger to our nation(from within), the investigation turned into a shameful and cruel farce. He was discredited as a RED-BAITER, a man on the lunatic fringe, a foe of progress, and a wild publicity seeker. Shades of Joseph McCarthy?

The dinner guests had earlier boasted, "we are on the inside and control the avenues of influence". One should read "The Naked Capitalist" by W. Cleon Skousen or the "Invisible Government" by Dan Smoot. Bank examiners were turned loose on him, properties were sold for taxes, and real estate loans were called in. Both he and his wife died a few years later in poverty and disgraced by the government. He like "Bomber Joe" had just tried to warn us of the ENEMY WITHIN! It was later found by a Senate Internal Security Subcommittee that the hostess of the meeting had been a communist since joining the government in 1919.

The collectivists were not only able to take over the Dept. of Agriculture, but also the State Dept.; remember Alger Hiss, Roosevelt's right hand man at the end of the war, giving eastern Europe to the Communists? What Dr. Wirt reported was true. In 1933 that same group already had maps dividing America into eleven districts set up with a Commisar over each. Unfortunately, their plan is still going forward today....because the people have not listened to the warning about the ENEMY WITHIN. (Nixon gave us 12 districts but I cannot remember the Executive Order #)

The next chapter quotes Lenin from 1924, "We shall cause the United States to spend itself into destruction". Welfare programs should not just include the poor. Affluent society needs welfare(commie-fair) for the total population. What big eyes and teeth you have said little red riding hood to the big bad(government?) wolf! When officials dream of power, of party continuation, or family dynasties government deteriorates. Excessive government with its astronomical costs plays right into the hands of the Socialist and Communist forces entrenched into our government.