Thursday, 12/3/2009


Long ago in a land far away, the character of a slave was tested and he was not found wanting. When tempted by his master's wife, he immediately fled the scene. The land was Egypt and the hero was Joseph of biblical fame. His virtue saved two nations-Egypt and Israel.

In 1978, Clare Booth Luce made this observation:

"All history bears witness to the fact that THERE CAN BE NO PUBLIC VIRTUE WITHOUT PRIVATE MORALITY. There cannot be a good government except in a good society. And there cannot be a good society unless the majority of individuals in it are at least TRYING to be good people. This is especially true in a democracy, where leaders and representatives are chosen from the people, by the people. The character of a democratic government will never be better than the character of the people it governs. A nation that is traveling the low road is a nation that is self-destructing. It is doomed, sooner or later, to collapse from within, or be destroyed from without."

In former commentaries, I have referred to the secret weapon of the international criminal(communist) conspiracy-sex. Julia Brown, in her book "I Testify", says, "By destroying moral values they destroy decent human relationships.". Ph factor morality-promiscuity,pornography, and homosexuality (as well as adultery) is used to break down a country from within. "Leaders can more easily control a membership morally depraved."

Mrs. Brown goes on to say, "I often wondered how women,particularly,

could so debase themselves in the furthurance of Communism?....The party says a couple will marry-they marry. It says that couples will merely live together-they live together. It says that couples divorce or, if not, actually married, split up-they obey." Doesn't that sound like Hollywood?

This type of behavior has been continually going on from the Kennedys to the McCains and Sanfords of the world. Tiger woods behavior is all too common in the sports world. All you have to do is say, "I'm sorry"(I got caught) or "We're all human". Some are all too human. Is this a proper response for criminals who break the law? Should they just be let go for uttering such platitudes?

No, we're not all... THAT human... and criminal behavior does not fall within that category. There are human beings and there are animals. The latter answer to no higher authority than their immediate carnal desires. Faith and reason make us men;take them away,what are we then?..mere animals!

The three most serious oaths we take are to our Creator, our country, and our spouse. Breaking them is a very serious betrayal of one's covenants. If your word is no good then perhaps you are no good. If a person cannot keep the greatest promise of loyalty to a spouse, how can they be trusted to defend our country and system of government? Like Benedict Arnold, trust betrayed cannot be regained!

All three may require a form of "excommunication". If not from a church, perhaps denial of the Sacrament; a divorce; or in the case of military betrayal. a dishonorable discharge or firing squad. You are only as good as your word! How about duty..honor..country? What ever happened to.."family..fortune..and sacred honor"?

The Tiger has given his family a sad gift for the holidays. Making it worse are the sponsors who will still pay money for the use of his name. It's obvious which God they worship when they should be honoring the Hand of Providence-the real author of our freedom. For them this is not the Christmas season; it's just a winter festival.

This is supposed to be the time for cheer, a special time of year to count our blessings and practice forgiveness. It is the time to honor the Savior's birth, THEE author of our liberty. He has provided all a way to change for the better. The prisoners need not remain captive. Though their sins are crimson red, they can become white as snow. Though others may want us to, we need not remain trapped forever by destructive behavior.

To just say I'm sorry or none of us is perfect, makes a mockery of the sacrifice. Sorrow is only the first step of restitution to the victim and cannot be completed without the atonement of the Savior. For many religion is just a cover to get away with something, adding hypocrisy to the offense.

Now Tiger Woods and his wife will adjust their pre-nuptial agreements. She will get so many million if she stays with him two years and more if longer. Doesn't that make her a prostitute and him a "john"? What was the reason for this marriage?

What happens to a society when talent is worshiped over character? The former without the other leads to dysfunctional,imploding civilizations. Destroy the family and you destroy the country. The mob cares not about character,only that you get the job done. If we pamper or exhibit too much patience for the weak and degenerate, they become a cancer on the nation.

Next time Tiger Woods walks down the last hole of a winning tournament, how should we feel? Great!...if all you care about is the talent. If that is all that matters, why not bring back O.J. Simpson, make him his caddy, and get a twofer.

James Madison said, "Is there no virtue among us? If there be not, we are in a wretched situation. No form of government can render us secure." Benjamin Franklin said, "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."

Why do we worship athletes and hollywood personalities, or elect politicians who flunk the "Joseph Test"? When leading countries, the lack of virtue gives them VD of the brain. When we elect such leaders, do we really expect wisdom to prevail or the blessings of the Creator upon their works?

The behavior of Tiger Woods was probably no different before he got married, nor his wife's either? He won the Masters but is not capable of mastering himself. "Mob" morality is all too common with the Hornungs, Namaths, Bradys, or the Jordans, A-rods and Shaqs of the world.

The Communists long ago called for getting the youth interested in sports and sex. Our false sports heros are doing a great job for them! We need more Bart Starrs, Reggie Whites, and Tim Tebows in the sports world. If you can really feel good about all of this...Ho,Ho,Ho..and..Meeerry Christmas!?..to you.