Wisconsin Sit-Down Strike

Friday, 2/18/2011

Wisconsin Sit-Down Strike

This technique was first used on February 2, 1937 in Flint,Michigan( home to Michael Moore) at the Fisher Body Works. It constituted an illegal seizure of private property. Under the precepts of Marxism, all machinery is the "rightful property of the workers". Under pressure from President Roosevelt, Governor Murpy took no action to end it.(He later apologized to Cong. Dies)

The Wisconsin strike by democrat lawmakers seems to be a strange twist on the first one. They are occupying private property... but deserting public property, in violation of their oath of office. Maybe such conduct should have been used by Republicans under the Doyle adminstration, especially with their new Soviet sex education bill promoting the homosexual agenda. When children can't get their way with other people's property, they throw tantrums!

Whoever controls the unions, controls the nation, especally if it involves the NEA. The tactics used by the NEA in Madison are those of Alinsky. Radical unions are taking control out of the hands of the electorate. They are depriving the voter,...not the taxpayer...of his rights.

If you can't have your way politically, you cheat. They lost in a fair fight and the majority of Wisconsin's citizens made a clear choice. This is more representative of MOB behavior. The great socialist party is acting more like the CPUSA. As one of the signs said, the goal is to "Shutdown Democracy".

What a coincidence!.. the basic goal of communism. The old line communist party slogans are everywhere and a great many demon....strators seem to like the color red. Cong. Dies says "they have infilrated every conceivable sphere of activity...Public indifference to this threat is tantamount to national suicide, and can have tragic consequences".

He goes on to say he fears for the liberal and progressive who has been hoodwinked and duped. "Communists and fellow-travelers under the guise of academic freedom can teach our youth".

Teacher pro-cells exist in our schools and among newpapermen, lawyers, doctors, professors, and "phony" ministers. As they once stated, the goal is to "get control of the schools and use them as transmision belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda...get control of teachers' associations".

Herb Philbrick in his book "I Lead Three Lives", as an FBI undercover agent, makes the following points.The communists are very pro-bureaucratic. If bureau is piled upon bureau, the government becomes top-heavy and the whole thing crashes.

They have said that they must be prepared for civil disobediance which could turn into revolt if a severe economic crisis struck the country. "Everything depends upon the conditions, the time, and the place".Two circumstances are pregnate with revolution--serious economic depression and war.

Lenin once said that he would force America to spend itself into destruction. Is that what the commie-crats and Rhinos want? They did it in the last administration and now are doing it in Washington. Martin Dies in his book states the purposes of communists are to make unions a school for communism, and view strikes of trade unions as dress rehearsals for violent revolution.

Their primary goal was to infiltrate and take over the unions. Walter Reuther unionized welfare and O.E.O. recipients so they could bring greater pressure to insure increased stipends from the government. He also took a training job in the Soviet Union(both brothers took trips there) and wrote back to his friends, "Carry on the fight for a Soviet America."

The Manifesto of the American Communist Party of 1934 stated, "The revolutionary way out of crisis begins with the fight for unemployment insurance, against wage-cuts, for wage increases, for relief to the farmers----through demonstrations, strikes, general strikes, leading up to the seizure of power, the destruction of capitalism by a revolutionary worker's government."

In his book,"Martin Dies Story", he says, "Anyone who opposes the American Communist is at once branded as a 'disrupter, a Facist, a Red baiter, or a Hitlerite', and becomes the object of a systematic campaign of character assasination." Governor Walker has been called a right-wing Facist, a Nazi, and a Hitlerite!!.........but not a Communist!?

Michael Moore and his organization and George Soros are involved, along with other left-wing progressive groups like the NEA and ACLU. His webpage title follows the basic communist party line...I Hate America. He loves Castro and Castro loves "comrade" Obama.

The basic message people of his ilk and how they feel about America is found in his film, Bowling for Columbine. He criticizes the "radical' militia movement in ...Flint, Michigan!..and follows the communist party attack on our second amendment rights using their basic slogan for America...F... You! This author lost work at Rice Lake H.S. for opposing this type of propaganda.

The many democratic groups supporting the demonstrations in Madison are too numerous to mention. We will have our way no matter what!..even if it means bringing the government down. The Internationale has long dreamed of the day when they would be strong enough to stage protests across the nation that would bring our country to its' knees.

The chorus of their anthem goes as follows: "Tis the final conflict. let each stand in his place. The Internationale Soviet shall be the Human Race."! And, now even Jesse Jackson, the great race pimp and filanderer, is here to help.

If the crowds are upset now, just wait and see what they would do if we were to re-established a legislative committee to investigate un-american activities again, even radical Islam. House Un-American committees used to exist at both the national and state levels until declared illegal by our "Soviet" Supreme Court. The CPUSA long ago accomplished their goal of eliminating them at the national level.

The FBI has the task of investigation of subversive groups, but it is only through such committees that the evidence can be presented to the public. The first House committee was set up with the help of Texas Democrat Cong. Martin Dies and he presided over it for seven years from 1937 to 1944, at which time he retired.

He accomplished much in spite of the constant opposition of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. It was President Roosevelt and Governor Murphy of Michigan who refused to respond to the first sit-down strike. Cong. Dies was a supporter of Pres. Roosevelt until he did two things---try to stack the Supreme Court and side with the sit-down strikes.

FDR stood in opposition to the HUAC committee and did all he could to sabotage it. He did not want the communist dominated C.I.O. investigated or any other unions because they were the great contributors to his campaign. As Mr. Dies states in his book: John L. Lewis got very upset when confronted with evidence to that effect. Roosevelt said, "if you expose the Communists in the CIO, the CIO will turn against the Democratic Party"..and the cause of Liberalism.

The attorney for the C.I.O. was communist, Lee Pressman. "There was no question that the New Deal functioned as a Communist Front". Dies went on to say that the executive council of the A.F.L. surrendered leadership of the trade unions into the hands of the C.I.O..

FDR said he had many good friends who were communists and that Russia was better off under Stalin! He should have moved there. The Roosevelt administration was the source and protector of tremendous communist infiltration of our government. We went from a government of rights to the communistic idea of a government of needs. Under the leadership of FDR, and starting with Social Security, the Democrat party became and still is the party of communism in America.

He and President Truman opposed Cong. Dies and also created the climate of McCarthyism to combat the great and accurate investigations of Macarthy's Senate committee. Sam Rayburn of Texas was the hatchet man to Martin Dies and Wayne Hays(the great filanderer) of Ohio was so for Joseph McCarthy.

When HUAC was set up, the administration's Attorney General would not provide any legal counsel. Two were finally sent over from the Civil Liberties Committee of Wisconsin's great "progressive" Senator, Robert M. LaFollette. And they both were Communists!!? Martin Dies got rid of both them and eventually found the help he needed.

"Communists never negotiate for anything they already have". We should not fall for their standard trick of negotiation. In exchange for FDR's recognition of Russia, the Commissar for Foreign Affairs, Maxim Litvinoff promised they would refrain from interfering with the internal affairs of the United States and from "any agitation and propaganda". He latter said, "You know our principles: promises that we make to capitalist countries are not binding".

The leftists, through the ACLU and communist dominated NEA, have turned our schools into a Soviet education system were propagandizing is more important than teaching core subjects. Their participation and support of the Democrat sit-down strike proves the point. They always want to hide behind the children. The "Communists want the children" and the first of five steps of a plan for communist conquest is ...the conquest of the student mind.

If they had done their job right, this country wouldn't be in the mess it is in! It is not their primary function to promote the communist agenda of the UN, whether it be F..you films, healthcare, cap and trade, homosexuality, or slave reparations. They can pay the same into their retirement as everyone else. If they don't like the Governor's deal, we can always make it "more equal" and raise it further.

In his updated book,"You Can STILL Trust the Communists....to be Communists(Socialists and Progressives too)", Dr. Fred Schwartz states that when union money can be used for political purposes by press, radio, and television to elect legislators under obligation to union leadership, the very foundation of republican, democratic government is in danger.(originally stated in 1960)

The Progressive leadership of the LaFollettes is now coming to a head in progressive Wisconsin...and the nation. Via a very strong fifth column, we are getting the AZ treatment. But, we also have a Governor who has the backbone to be a statesman instead of a politician. He is doing what he said he would do and needs all our support. Onward Governor Walker.....and ...Onward Wisconsin!