Wednesday, 7/29/2009


All countries have to deal with a fifth column. 'For those who want freedom, there are those who want tyranny; less government,more government; virtue,vice;independence,dependence; to provide for themselves, or live off others.

There is opposition in all things.

The international criminal conspiracy desires the latters--to transfer wealth from others to themselves. Thievery is the same whether it is between individuals or countries. Governments though legal plunder take from one person what he has earned to transfer it to another. The ICC is another name for what the FBI has called the Communist Internationale.


Only such a network could take an unknown Senator from Illinois and turn him into an international star before being elected. The ICC throughout it's history has always used a simple method--HATE AMERICA, HATE AMERICA, HATE AMERICA! This has worked in other countries through the "agrarian reformer" technique.

It was used when Trotsky and Lenin went to Russia, with Mao against Chiang Kai-shek, Tito against Mihailovich, Castro against Batista, Ortega against Somoza, Khomeini against the Shah, and.... Obama against Bush! I hope those of you who only used your hatred of George Bush as a reason to vote, have learned your lesson. Where will we ever find an American president?! We've gone from King George to what Alan Keyes would call Comrade Obama. To quote from a song made popular in the 60's, WHEN WILL WE EVER LEARN???