After my birth at St. Mary's Hospital in Milwaukee, my mother's parents in Merrillan took care of both of us for two years while my father farmed east of Rice Lake. From 1949 to 1952 we all lived on the farm, then moved to Milwaukee for the remainder my youth, and their lives, with an exception for me of attending first grade at Moscow Center School near Hollandale, WI, due to my mother's health issues.

We first lived on Wright St for a year then on the east side across the street from the John Ernst Cafe(which doesn't exist anymore) until my Jr High years. The old home is now a shopping center. Got my first job as a carrier for the Milwaukee Journal at the age of twelve and paid my way from that day forward. My father was on his own at fourteen and taught me quickly about responsibility and hard work, some of it on the farm we always kept. It didn't take long to go from an $8/wk route to two routes making $25/week. One hundred dollars per month was a good amount of money in those days and I was required to save 80% for college. My father only had a seventh grade education and wanted all of us to do better. I'm proud he was a successful farmer and machinist/tool and die maker.

Next we moved to the northeast side for the remainder of my schooling with Jr High at Lincoln, Berger. and Fulton, and high school at Rufus King. In the beginning of that time, I worked as a caddy at Milwaukee CC and after high school a painter at the old, and gone ,Shorewood Hospital & Sanitarium facilities which included three quarters of block used for a park and staff housing.

After graduating in 1965 , I went on to Bemidji, MN to continue in gymnastics and study for a forestry major for one year, then finished at UW-SP with a major in resource management and a minor in forestry in 1970. Also spent two years in ROTC graduating in the first class with a commission in the field artillary. The commander said we'd better swear him in before we give him his orders. I was the only one with orders to Vietnam. Completing service there, I came back for a degree in physical education and a minor in coaching, biology, and drivers education, while serving in the Wisconsin National Guard in Stevens Point.

At that point, I got the sudden urge "to go west young man!" I tried to get on with the National Park Service, first working summers at Petrified Forest NP. Spent three years in AZ, working there and at Sequoia NP, and teaching jr high science. Next, I spent two summers at Crater Lake NP.

That lead to nine challenging years in OR. Got involved in politics there first running for U.S. Senator in 1984 and the for Congress in 1988. Not much went right after that. It turned out to be too much stress for a new "step-marriage" with four teenagers. Thought we just about had it made. I learned the hard way that one child can destroy a marriage.

I then started back-tracking to AZ and eventually WI. Spent 1988-1999 in AZ with three years in Prescott and the remainder back in Glendale. Had a conservative talkshow and commentary in a nearby town for a year; that was the end of any hope of teaching again. I just don't like the NEA! In the Phoenix area, I was employed at a credit bureau, as a counselor, for three years and then a courier for four years. Also had another step-marriage that didn't work.

At my age now. it may better to stay single. (And no, I've never slept with a woman unless I was married to her). As I told the Eau Claire School Board, "I've never betrayed my country to the communist goals of pornography, homosexuality, adultery, or promiscuity. If you prefer a womanizer and/or an adulterer, there are several other Republicans to chose from. How about Schwartznegger, Gingrich, Guiliani, or McCain?

Moved to Eau Claire in 1999 and worked as a professional driver and courier until a bid for the 93rd Assembly Dist. Retired a year early to do so unsuccessfully and then moved to Rice Lake where I thought I was really going to retire and "go fishing". I now work part-time driving, delivering RV's and trucks around the country. As you can see the bug has not left me ! I am now enjoying watching government checks go the other way. Ran for the WI Assembly in 2008, for Governor in 2010 , for the U.S. Senate in 2012, Congress in 2014, and now both the US Senate and the Presidency for 2016.

There is a progression here that the WI GOP has blocked. I'm not one to wait around for them to get with it! Plus, I'm getting to old to play the "good old boy" game. Their blocking games cost them the assembly seat, and a Senate position. The year I ran for governor, they allowed me to speak at the state convention. That turned out well for all of us. What will happen now? The one issue I have been consistent about is the issue of illegal invasion--the one issue they don't want to deal with. The other issue they don't want to deal with is the moral crisis that has created the welfare state. They don't want a candidate that will expose and stand against it, especially on the national level.