AA #3 Part II

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:02:32 PM

4) The Audacity of Corruption

That is the title of a speech given by Pat Caddell at an AIM Conference tiled "Obama-Nation: a Day of Truth. He takes the media to task for its obvious bias and says, the Media are the "Enemy of the American people."

Mr. Caddell criticizes the Romney campaign as the worst he has seen. Mitt Romney should have taken on the obvious media bias. Pat would have been doing that for months. "There is no doubt that Romney is blowing an election he could not lose, and has done everything he can to lose it." Guess which party he calls the party of stupid...and the party of corruption(the one Ann Colter calls the party of treason).

The full speech may be found at AIM.org.

5) The 47% ?

This might be the big question for our society? As I stated in my campaign, upwards of half of our people are now allied with the moral, political, and economic principles of Moscow. America is a nation falling from within. For decades they have immigrated thousands?...how about millions of all nationalities into our country for that very purpose.

That percentage also can apply to those that get free handouts from government. Of course the "whore and poor" party made much political hay against Mitt Romney misconstruing the intent of his statement. That is normally called Agit-Prop---a term normally applied to communist propaganda; it also applies well to the Democrat Party.

They lump the small percentage of citizens that have earned it through service into that general statement. The truth is that the vast majority in that group are free-loaders and have sold their votes to Obama in order to get more "stolen" money. That number also represents the majority of children that have been bred out-of-wedlock.

6) Voter Fraud

As it did over fifty years ago in the Kennedy-Johnson election, it did so again in this one. The fraud in dominantly minority communities, and lost and late military ballots, gave Obama the victory. Either one alone did so. Through miss-routing, military ballots arrived late...again? Then there where the mis-programmed computers set to default to the president.

If this is not corrected, voting is no longer meaningful. Another way to control the outcome is to get rid of the electoral college. Popular vote would allow one community(like Chicago) to control the results of all state and national elections. Getting rid of the electoral college would no longer limit its affect to the local community.

Another goal of the Marxists is to make the Dominican Republic our 51st state. Then Obama can continue his anti-colonialism i.e. get even with white people program, transfer more wealth to the poor in that country and guarantee more votes for his party. Thus giving more control of our government to the commie-rats. It would tip the scales of Congressmen and Senators more in their favor.

7) More Racism

Again the race charge is being used by the communist left in support of Susan Rice for Sec. of State. Is this one of Obama's commie-girls? Remember, if white senators and congressmen want to vent her properly, that's racism!!! The tactic of protecting a CPUSA supported pro-cell operative through charges of racism and sexism will continue until she is approved

Then we also have that bastion of virtue, the grand gigolo, John Kerry for Sec. of Defense. Like John McCain, he womanized his way into a rich woman. Is this a Navy coincidence? Will they get along?