AFACT alert #1

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 8:35:41 PM

What the FBI called the International Communist Criminal Conspiracy is succeeding in America through the media and the Democrat party as well as half of the GOP. You will never hear the media report on a single transmission belt or communist front organization in our land. There is no such thing! And evil doesn't exist in the world either!

In this AFACT alert here are some of their happenings of late:

1. The CPUSA controlled immigration demonstration in Phoenix this last weekend, with the support of our treasonous Obama Administration. These are the same people who , of course, want to get rid of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

2. Elizabeth Warren, Marxist candidate for US Senator in MA(what else is new?), has loudly and self-rightously come out in support of Obama's Soviet definition of success. You didn't really do it, they did it, and you really stole it from everyone else.

My father was on his own at the age of 14 with only a 7th grade education. By 16 he had a crippled left arm from a motorbike accident just before the depression hit. He worked it back into use(against medical opinion) as a "one-armed" farm-hand, and did quit well. He eventually learned the tool and die trade and retired as a parts inspector on the space program for AC Spark Plug in Oak Creek, WI. He was one of those very few who could retire early at age 59 because he knew how to manage his finances.

But according to the Obama definition of things, it was really the highways that HE didn't build that should get the real credit. Talk about liberally insane logic! He wanted to give the real credit to teachers; under the Soviet system, they become God.

It is really the truck drivers that are paying the most for our highways, by far. Warren and Obama's "two cents" worth wouldn't earn beans worth of credit for the outcome. Socialists always want to live off of someone else's work, honor, or income and claim it for themselves.

Ms. Warren will be he keynote speaker at the Democrat(commie-rat) Convention. Let me guess? The message will be hate America, free enterprise, and the traditional family. Love gay marriage, stealing(transfer of wealth) and anyone who isn't white... and is trying to invade our country. Go to the website and study the illegal immigration issue.

By the way, what do you call an event where President Obama speaks?...a Communist Party rally!

3. Chick-fil-A and owner Dan Cathy are under attack from the communist left because of his support of the traditional definition of marriage in direct opposition to the communist support of gay marriage. The goal is to destroy the two pillars America is founded upon - religion and morality.

No one is attacking Ben % Jerry's ice cream for supporting the gay definition of marriage. Evil just cannot leave good alone! Though the communists promote the propaganda lie of co-existence in countries they don't control, they only do so until THEY take control. Communism must win over Freedom in the end. What hath Mammon to do with God?...or darkness, with light? Maybe this issue is now thee "mark of the beast" issue? Bow before it....or else!

This is also a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the communist founded ACLU. It works for the downfall of American values, but likes to portray itself as good by standing in support of Chick-fil-A and religious freedom. This is strictly a ruse on their part. (Read the ACLU letter under the afact section of my website.)

The goal of Democrats(and the CPUSA) is to threaten, bully, coerce, and punish Americans into abandoning their Christian beliefs, even doing so behind the guise of their version of controlled religion. In this cause the ACLU is called only a left-learning organization by our controlled media.

And communism is only called secular statism. Even Bill O'Reilly covers for this fifth column by calling it only secular -progressive. He will use the term "alleged" leftist group rather than communist. The media can always find a Nazi,...but, they just can't seem to find any communists under the bed!

MR. O'Reilly recently dared use the general welfare clause in the preamble of the U.S. Constitution to justify healthcare, saying that clause justifies and means we need to take care of the folks! A dupe or a fellow-traveler news reporter couldn't have stated it better.

The Demoncats are at it again! The mayors of Boston -Thomas Merino, Washington DC - Vincent Gray, San Francisco, Chicago - Rahm Emanuel, and others are banning Chick-fil-A from their cities. DNC Chairman, Deborah Wasserman-Shultz(Moscow Debbie), has said there would be a plank in their platform supporting same-sex marriage.

What a coincidence? They are all "democrats". Apparently, their favorite color is red!...or is it just pink?

4. Comrade Richard Trumka has come out with 10 new marxist commandments for the DNC to carry out:

A-1 Exemption from prosecution for union violence.

B-2 Exemption from anti-monopoly laws.

C-3 Power to force employees to accept unwanted union representation.

D-4 Power to collect forced union dues.

E-5 Unlimited, undisclosed electioneering.

F-6 Ability to strong-arm employers into negotiations.

G-7 Right to trespass on an employer's private property.

H-8 Ability of strikers to keep jobs despite refusing to work.

I-9 Union-only cartels on construction projects.

J-10 Government funding of forced unionism.

Read the Wi. Sitdown Strike under commentaries at

You had better listen to him....or else! Zieck Heil! Jimmy Hoffa of the teamsters has said, "take these sons-of-bitches out." Are you ready? If you don't support the "Mob" party, they are coming for you! And that is A-FACT!

5. The communists(behind the guise of liberalism) long ago stated the goal was to get youth away from religion(and morality) and interested in sports. Kruschev was very confident of the outcome. Their plan has become very successful in America with over half of out of wedlock births.

Their plan for moral decay of course included homosexuality and pedophilia, as well as promiscuity and pornography all of which was to be promoted through our school system, turning our youth into "swallows" and "ravens" for their cause. It all seems to have come together at PSU. Were Catholics again involved in covering up the abuse!?

The worship of sports over all else decent has brought heavy consequences to more than one university, or country. During the Vietnam Era, such people received special deferments because they were "the hope of the future". People who worked with their hands were declared second class citizens and cannon fodder for the deferred elites.

I think of them as the dopes of the future. Secular education alone will always lead to the abuses of tyranny. It was no small coincidence that we sold out Vietnam as soon as those deferments were revoked.

So, what is the purpose of sports?...too give us a false sense of heroism? The moral conduct of all professional teams isn't much better, especially if Tim Tebow is the only virgin in the NFL. There isn't much difference between mob morality and the goals of communism. Of course our black Lenin president seems to go along with them.(read Patriots or Patsies under commentaries and read about homosexuality, and sex pollution under issues at

If you would like to learn and understand perfect communist party dialog on any subject, just listen to Obama...or any other loudmouth democrat! Or listen to "red" ED on MSNBC and the rest of their commentators. WE ARE in a battle with communism in this country!!! What will you do about it? Are you Freeman enough to deal with it?! Read the news article just posted - The Year of the Rat.