AFACT Alert #2

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 8:48:10 PM

1) The Presidential Race

Thirty years ago I learned from a training seminar what very few seem to know today. Votes are determined by three factors: 50% name recognition, 40% personality, and 10% issues. Now you know why they don't like to talk about real issues and try to decoy away from the big three: the constitution, and the enemy foreign, and domestic.

Don't talk about anymore than three issues because the people can't handle anymore than that. The emphasis is on such personality factors as how much money one makes, what social class he is from, does his wife work, or does he look presidential? Elections deteriorate into Jr. High popularity contests over who looks the best or who will give(bribe) you the most.

2) Racism

Is also a big part of this election year. Sun Tsu, the famous Chinese general, said you must first demoralize your enemy. That can be done literally or through negative publicity to break the will to resist. If you don't vote for a bad black man, your a racist!

The communist-controlled minority movements of the 60's use the slogan "get whitey". Now the communist-controlled Hispanics are saying, "We have got to eliminate the gringo....if worst comes to worst, we have got to kill him". We are the only indigenous owners of this continent! This comes from the founder of the National Council of La Raza.

The communist fifth columns always like to create racist and territorial disputes rather than assimilate into the founding culture by living the moral, political, or economic principles upon which ours is based. It's much easier to be morally decayed and steal from another culture than to clean up your own act...and accept personal responsibility for their own actions.

Wealth and morality are evil, therefore The Romney-Ryan ticket must be attacked for not supporting gay marriage or wealth redistribution. Poverty is not individual fault, but someone else's fault...even society's. Such is the nature of communism.

Americanism calls for working your way out of difficult challenges. Communism demands someone else do it. Americanism calls for God given morality; Communism says heck with any higher power, sleep with us anyway you like. Americanism teaches you to "earn it!"; Communism says its easier to steal it with the help of government.

3) The new Alger Hiss....Huma Abedin?

Alger Hiss is to Communism what Huma Abedin is to the Muslim Brotherhood. Both are agents of a foreign power betraying America's interests to those tyrannys they really serve. Our president is doing both! If you look at him as a communist and a Muslim, everything he does makes perfect sense!

The CPUSA has said re-electing Obama is absolutely essential. Since 1988, the CPUSA has not run candidates for president or vice-president, preferring to work through the Democrat Party! It now caries their main issues of wealth redistribution and moral decay.

Speaking of moral decay, does anyone remember Tony(Anthony) the Wiener, Congressman from New York? Guess who his wife is?...Huma Abedin!

Like Alger Hiss(or even our president) she has never been properly vented by state department officials. She did not disclose that her father, mother, and brother were connected to Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Is she the next Van Jones?

Congresswoman Michele Bachman has been taken to task for questioning her qualifications and of course, called a McCarthyite! The IG's of four other agencies are calling for an investigation of possible infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood. Such notables as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and John Boehner are lining up against her.

This former Hillary Clinton aide even has the support of former campaign aide to Michele Bachman, Ed Rollins. He's the one, along with the liberal media and especially Anderson-Cooper, who used the communist tactic of calling her inquiry McCarthyism!? You just never know who will betray you next in today's political atmosphere! McCain has even come out in support of Al-Jazeera, the voice of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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