Afact Alert #3

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:01:53 PM

1) The R & R President

The Rage and Revenge campaign of the CPUSA

and Obama worked. It could also be called the racism and revenge campaign. He long ago called for slave reparations through the UN. Boy, are your taxes going up!....your evil rich white people.

The communists long ago said they could not take over America from within unless they took over the "Negro" culture. That happened in the 60's and was very evident in this last election; 95% voted for Obama. The goal is to constantly hammer away at the founding white culture.

What the Bible defines as the the seed of Cain wants to rule over the seed of Abraham. That can only happen if the seed of Abraham is morally corrupt, which it is. It says in the Bible that all nations will be blessed through that lineage...if they repent. So, maybe minorities should be more respectful of that heritage, the only one who ever gave them a chance at American freedom.

But this isn't the only group the fifth column Marxists have succeeded in taking over. They have always worked to create racial, cultural, and sexual divisions. 71% of Hispanics and 70% women voted for him, and 70% of those 30 and below also(thanks to our ACLU sovietized school system). Obama sure got the commie girl(Fluke) vote. And what about that 71% of the Jewish vote and 52% of the Catholic vote after attacking church moral stands? What's with that? Do most Jews like Karl Marx?

With 73% of blacks, 53% of Hispanics, and 40% of whites pregnant out of wedlock, it is easy to see who has betrayed the culture and country to communist causes. They all have red heinies! If you don't understand, read the sex polution issue on this website.

95%! It was said of Tim Tebow that he may be the only virgin in the NFL. You can just guess what those letters stand for. I get a kick out of all the "pinko" colors they want to wear this year; it goes with their pinko behavior! Talk about compensatory behavior. I'll just bet they love protecting women's breasts!?..especially at half-time.

95%! What an enemy force!? As I said during my run for the U.S. Senate, all minorities are communist controlled. We are in great danger from the black communist movement, lead by our president. He has played the race card many times. From O.J. Simpson to Tiger Woods...and Barack Obama, all minorities, especially blacks, have shown is that they cannot be trusted with this country... or your daughter!

Can't you just hear the commie cries of racism now?! The only time racism is ok is when you attack our Founding Fathers and their white culture. There is bad racism and good racism. Bad racism is a mostly corrupt culture attacking one which is not. And good racism is the reverse: a virtuous society removing those that are not.

A culture that is vastly decayed should never be allowed onto your community...or a community of nations. And congratulations to America's best sheriff, Joe Arpaio, in his victory over the communist hispanic movement in AZ.

President Clinton was elected in the Chinese "year of the Rat". President Obama's 2012 victory has come in the Chinese "year of the Snake!

2) The Wiener's Wife

Andrew McCarthy, prosecutor of the perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, is calling for an investigation into the hiring of Cong. Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, by the state department, to work for Hillary Clinton. He demands access to the standard form 86 required for a security clearance.

Only five members of Congress will stand by him, including Michele Bachman of MN. Congratulations on her victory despite the visit of the great womanizer, Clinton, to her district. Abedin and her family have close ties with the MB and U.S. foreign policy under Obama has shifted radically in favor of "avowed enemies of the United States."

David Horowitz, a repentant communist(we need many more of them), works to expose MB in the US. Their goal is a stealth jihad, replacing our religion with Sharia law. He says it is "a sophisticated, well financed terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of the United has worked its agents into the highest levels of government."

CAIR(Council for American-Islamic Relations) is the Brotherhood's greatest achievement and has been praised by members of Congress, the Pentagon, Homeland Security directors, and even presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, appointing them to positions in the government. The MB has funded over 600 chapters of the MSA (Muslim Students Associations) across America and Canada.

"The Brotherhood must understand that the work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within..."

Mohamed Akram, MB leader in the US

"I think the Muslim Brotherhood is not anything to be afraid of... Jimmy Carter

3) "Mittens"

Why did Romney/Ryan lose? Though I knew they were really moderate and not really strong conservatives, the threat of another four years of a marxist president required we vote for them. I vote on two basic issues. Does the candidate know the constitution and is that person moral?

McCain failed on both counts, but Romney only passed the moral test. As I had said four years ago, "he is no more a statesman than he is a hunter". He was weak on many issues that he would never discuss. He couldn't address even the three issues I ran on---The FED, the Dept. of Education, or the UN.

If he had lead out and discussed the UN treaties that are such a threat to our liberty in the last debate he could have won hands down. He would not address the Huma Abedin issue as suggested by Andrew McCarthy or the obvious bias of the media. Pat Caddell called it the worst campaign he had seen in his life.

He might have won back in 2008 if he wasn't always tip-toeing through the tulips" and afraid to take too strong a stand. Even the boy scouts had more courage than he did over the gay issue. And that's why I heard one conservative radio host call him "mittens.

It appears that the PTB(powers that be) wanted Obama to win. Now there is talk of another Bush candidacy. Will we really fall for that a third time?! We should last so long as free country. I wouldn't bet on it.