AFACTS - February

Post date: Feb 15, 2016 2:15:28 AM


I came away from last night's GOP debate with the same question as last time: Is anyone on that stage mature enough to be President?! Donald Trumps's presence at the last two debates definitely lowers the level of discussion. He lowered the level of discussion during the week and did so in the debate. He acts like a "mob" casino owner calling out his opponents

with false personality charges based on his "perfect" one. I bet he has something on everyone. Al Capone would be proud of him. The exchanges between Cruz and Rubio were less than ideal.

Where does the word "civil" come into these debates. Personality contention over-rode issues. They got set up again!? Kasich and Carson remained above the fray, but I don't believe in either one of them. The GOP stands in sharp contrast to the Democrat debates. They are having very civil pro-communist debates, maybe because there is little difference in the "Politburo" party on how to transform America.....into Amerika.


Just when we need another patriot, we lose one!? The party of Moscow and comrade Obama won't waste any time trying to appoint another Marxist to our "Soviet" Supreme Court. If the GOP doesn't go along with Obama's next appointee, they will be called obstuctionists.....and probably racists! Pres. Johnson delayed even longer until the next election. We ARE in a battle with the fifth column of communism in our country. There is nothing wrong with delaying an appointment until reinforcements arrive. The interesting point is: how many Republicans will betray us? We are in the final battle for LIBERTY in America. WE must win before all the invasion forces are legalized to vote.


They say that it is an event that pulls all cultures together. Sure it does.....all cultures from the communist left. The NFL fulfills the communist goal of getting youth away from religion and interested in sports and sex. From Jackson's bra "accident" to Beyonce's fanny movements, they always have something to offend our Christian moral sensibilities. What could be more "patriotic" than another "whore" singing our national anthem!? How democrat of them! Lady ga-ga; does that stand for "get america"? They spit in our faces......and we call it dew?!


It's editor,Cliff Kincaid, had this to say about Black Lives Matter: "In one way or another, practically every organization of the left is involved, and while the movement itself is a loose coalition of disparate groups, the funding behind it is significant. Its agitation has provoked widespread unrest in black communities throughout the U.S., lawlessness and violence. If allowed to continue, that agitation could devolve into anarchy and civil war" Mr. Kincaid has unfortunately "hit the nail on the head". Maybe Moscow has this geared up to take place just before the elections? Remember the "clinched fist" symbol is a sure sign of communist control.


has come out for adding women to the draft. That will keep all the "hero college boys" from having to accept their equal responsibility to defend our country. That way they will have more time to prepare to become future presidents. Why would any sensible woman fall for this? "Plato" McCain dreams of a hundred year war. For the record, there is a bigger war coming.....and the draft will be re-instated! Cong. Hunter has introduced such a bill in the House, just to ridicule this idea supported by both McCain and Lindsey Graham.