Post date: Apr 24, 2016 11:18:31 PM


Trump and Clinton have reaped the rewards of their New York values. NYC values have certainly become aligned with those of Moscow. With $15 /hr, Black Lives Matter, and transgender bathrooms, sanctuary city, and the election of "Comrade" DeBlasio; NYC is nothing more than a Soviet sister city. Kasich carries their homosexual and amnesty values. All Ted Cruz could do is...his best and get out of town. He will not do well in the Soviet Northeast. All that is bad for America is centered in this "Sodom and Gomorrah" city: the FED. the ACLU, the UN, the Lucifer Foundation, and many others funding the radicals of America. All are geared for the overthrow of Liberty. Treason must be in their DNA.


Speaking of evil DNA. That goes all the way back to the time of Cain and Abel!(yes, it does go back millennia) As usual the "seed of Cain" is trying to pass off their curse to the "seed of Abel". All those "bad" white people that founded America...or deny climate change. The black people are so Black and dedicated to communism that they need to "look good" by attacking any culture not yet under the moral control of Marxism. Hillary has joined the Obama bandwagon of "get whitey". Because of their evil DNA, black people are too Black and some white people are too. When will some white people get White enough!? The Red racists are just as confused about their gender as they are about their race. Both race and gender are genetic, but racism is not. That is determined by the evil moral conduct of that culture.


Or is it "comrade" Trump? He has locked onto the communist transgender game. And says it's a great honor to be complimented by Putin. Donald has hired two Sovietphiles to be his advisers: Carter Page who worked with the Russian gas company, Gazprom....and his new campaign manager, republican(?) Paul Manafort, the Ukraine "fixer" that helped keep Victor Yanukovich in power(the Orange Revolution of 2004). The question is: am I paranoid....or is America stupid?! If you think the former, go read the subversion quotes again. The first moment I saw him, soviet agent came to mind.


Remember these are the guys that can't keep their service....secret! Congress is concerned about their recruitment and retention. They are experiencing low morale! How about low morals? We need to do two things to solve that problem: get rid of TOTUS.......and provide more "free" "patriot" wenches!


Paul Ryan loves the Special Rights for Homosexuals Bill but will not support The First Amendment Defense Act designed to protect the right to Freedom of Religion in our country. The communists feel the same way. What is Ryan?....a sleeper agent? Why is he aiding and abetting the communist attack on religion and morality? In Coeur d'Alene, pastors that won't perform gay marriages, go to jail. Christian businesses are being hit with expensive lawsuits and fines. Who can they thank for that?


How about Alan Dershowitz, that innocent "Clark Kent" looking head of the Harvard law school, and the communist founded ACLU? He said he would like to be the lawyer for Jesus Christ?! That sounds sacrilegious. The ACLU is always trying to put on a "good" front. Him and O.J. Simpson. You might as well have the "devil" for your lawyer. Marxists like to play both sides of the fence just to confuse people.