Post date: Mar 17, 2016 10:05:13 PM


What do you know?....a CIVIL DEBATE!! Sen. Rubio sounded better than anyone this time. He made a nice come-back, but not enough to overcome his last "foot-in-your-mouth" comments. Marco brought out an important point about 83% of the budget being non-discretionary. That means on "auto pilot". We can only vote on 17% of the budget! Socialism does that. It includes all the unconstitutional social programs and the interest on the national debt. There is no such thing as an entitlement. They lock us into "spending ourselves into destruction". The "Soviet" Democrat Party is so cleaver! It has taken them about 80 years to get to 83%. They are working on 100%. We don't really need a military as far as they are concerned.


They all failed the "commie" security question. They all said what the CPUSA would say, " we need to keep it and save it for future generations". If you don't know what I am saying, you need to go back to the social security issue at this website. They showed me that they have no idea what a "Trojan horse" is. They don't understand the topic of internal subversion at all. Someone could have mentioned that a few decades ago, Chile switched their system over to private accounts. It boosted the retirement benefits and the economy. Can you really save a ponzi game.....by cutting out fraud and abuse!?


Has been presented as a moderate, but was originally appointed by Bill Clinton. We all know how much we can depend on anything said by Bill. Judge Garland is a graduate of Harvard law school, now run by ACLU head, Alan Derschiwitz. The first communist pro-cell founded in the United States was made up of former Harvard law professors, including Alger Hiss. Garland would not have been presented by "TOTUS" unless he thought he could get false GOP votes on the committee, or on the Senate floor. Sen. Hatch has supported him before, so he is being use to set a political trap. Both he and Garland are known to be "progressive". Labor leader Richard Trumpka says he has impeccable credentials. The gay community likes him too.

Utah got rid of Sen. Bennett for being so, but has not succeeded in replacing Orrin Hatch yet. Sen. Hatch seems willing compromise constitutional principles in order to get chosen for the Supreme Court someday. As far as I'm concerned he "betrayed" us when he confirmed communist ACLU Ginsberg to the Court, not to mention Kagan and Sotomayer, two other "moderates". He came out with a long legal paper as to why the city of Washington DC deserves a congressman in exchange for an extra one in Utah. That set a bad precedent. DC should have been divided into the states of MD and VA for voting purposes.


Are all these personal endorsements confusing you...or driving you crazy? Is everybody selling out to Socialism? Are they taking the attitude that it's better to join them if you can't beat them?! If you are tied to a solid set of principles rather than personalities, you won't be fooled. It may be disappointing, but it need not be confusing. Here is the tough one for me. How could Phyllis Schlafly endorse Donald Trump!!!??? He didn't even come to the annual Eagle Forum event. I did. If she didn't like those who spoke there, she could have shaken things up by endorsing me, especially for US Senate. She was wrong to endorse Rubio, and she is wrong here too. She endorsed "single-payer healthcare"?! Do morals matter to her? I have loyally supported her for over 30 years! I hope she is not going "Pope Francis" on us. In this final battle for LIBERTY in AMERICA, it will be very surprising and disappointing to see who we thought we could depend on, compromise with or go over to the wrong side.


of the Public Advocate, often says the gay community uses hate-filled profanity against him and his family, and threatens their lives regularly. He is raising money in defense of Judge Roy Moore of AL. The homosexual lobby wants to put him in jail. The wrath of Paul Ryan's buddies never ends! This IS America's new Nazi movement. All people must bow before this beast. Activist Mikey Weinstein says those in the military had better "hold your tongue, change your attitude or either voluntarily or involuntarily be mustered out". Hate is the essence of socialism---hatred of God, family, and country. Their motto is: worship us, sleep with us, and we'll steal someone else's money...and virtue. Over 60 corporations are forming a super-pac to promote the Gay bill of Special Rights. Indeed, our greatest enemy is the enemy within.

Since we have just handed our military over to a gay secretary, you could be court-martialed for not congratulating a lesbian officer on her "marriage" or for supporting a pro-family organization. Mr. Delgaudio (and you know in Afganistan) says a military leader is being court-martrialed for stopping a homosexual assault on a young boy. Sen. Lee of UT is sponsoring a bill that will eliminate discrimination against christians. Is your senator supporting it? If anyone should be drafted at the GOP Convention, it should be Sen. Lee.


As one of the occupiers of federal(?) land in OR, he was unnecessarily set up and shot as he drove to a see Sheriff Palmer in an adjoining county, who most likely would have protected him and the others. We need more Sheriffs like former Sheriff Mack of AZ. This reminds me of the movie "Walking Tall". We now have a Communist President, and a Politburo bureaucracy. What else would you expect to happen in the communist state of OR? Now the feds are out to get all those who stood up to them in OR...and NV. The governments behavior is more like that in Russia. We are thoroughly infiltrated. These people are paying the price of "family, fortune, and honor...and life. What price are you willing to pay?! " It is better to fight when you have little chance of winning....than when you have none at all".--Winston Churchill.


has just said on his radio show that if a Republican wins the Presidency, there will be riots in the streets. How is that different than what the communist left is saying about Donald Trump now? They only like the political process if they win. If they don't, they leave our state....or riot. Too bad they won't leave for good. Hollywood, please live up to your promises! There is talk of riots this summer, most likely at the GOP Convention. I have said it before and I will say it again. The "minorities" are all communist controlled(through immorality). They took down Missouri University, and comrade Sharpton promises more of the same. Michael Savage warns of a civil war and Glen Beck of civil unrest. Moscow and the Internationle have great control over the "minorities" of the world. And don't think they didn't train all the radical imams. They have infiltrated and taken over the Democrat party(a long time goal). The stage is now set for the final revolution. Which side will you be on?!