Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:05:15 PM

1) Though having had a pleasant holiday season, we still are in the final battle for our liberty. The communists are winning on every front: racism, healthcare, energy, immigration, homosexuality, and the sex revolution. And they are doing so through the Democrat Party.

When the "old" Soviet Union 'fell" the leaders of soviet block countries became Social Democrats and carried on the same goals under a new name. Now we have the British GOP, like their counterparts over 200 years ago, calling for the destruction of another Tea Party revolution.

We are a country evenly divided between left and right, virtue and vice, even between Communism and Americanism. Moral decay is the main weapon of our enemies.

2) And that includes gambling! Will Gov. Walker authorize another casino in Wisconsin? I hope not. We not only have to deal with a fifth column of Soviet infiltration, but also the basic venue of Mob activity through various vices. If you want to know if the Mob controls a state look at the level of gambling and girly joints in the state. Who was the Governor who let gambling into WI? Wasn't it Tommy Thompson? What did they have on him?

3) With the help of Newt Gingrich, the communists(democrats) accomplished their long plan goal of establishing a Dept. of Educ. in a only three votes in the House. Now they are pushing "commie" core. Why won't Gov. Walker block this!?

4) He did well to sign the new Mascot law which provides a more common sense approach to the issue long push by the communist minority left. The goal is to harass white culture and make it look bad. All they were trying to do was honor the bravery of the Indian culture. Commie racism only sees the half empty glass.

5) It was only a matter of time before the black policy of polar bear hunting got reversed with a "black bear incident". There is only one thing fishy about it. The white assailant made sure he stated his contempt for black people first.

That kicks in the "tricky" definition of racism set up by our "Social" Justice Dept. Therefore black on white violence can be ignored. Knowing how the communist tactics work, I think they're working both sides of the issue on this one. As they did in the South between the blacks and the KKK.

6) The Mob does a great job of providing us TV entertainment. The "Sons of Anarchy" are providing us new levels of violence, graphic sex and non-stop foul language. And who sponsors them?...Harley Davidson! As a Governor, I would not be proud to associate with them.

7) Following a complaint from an "anti religious group, the Air Force is going the commie ACLU way and removing "So help Me God" from their oath. That would make it a "Soviet" oath! How patriotic of them. They probably are enjoying their new gay, and "free love' soviet life styles. So what else is new!? The two pillors of religion and morality go down to defeat again.

It was a violation of Jonathan Bise's soviet rights. Michael Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom(from) Foundation says Christian monsters are terrorizing fellow Americans(?) with their version of Christianity.

8) The gay community has not only taken control of the military(the Generals have no ???), but they have taken over education. Their rallying cry is "Whoever controls the schools controls the future". That's why that gay guy Obama got elected.

9) The Ducks have come home to roost. Public pressure makes a difference. The gays did not win this one.

10) "Grand Theft Obama" will be complete if he wins on the upcoming battle over immigration. have you read my issue yet at Boehner has betrayed us on the budget and will do so again on this issue.

Remember, the battlefield is here at home. Will enough FREEMEN rise to the occasion? Join AFACT. The Soviet State of the Union Address takes place in four days. If you want to see and understand pure communist propaganda on any issue, pay careful attention!

Remember my old, but sad, joke. What do you call an event where Obama speaks?...a communist party rally! Of course, you can just substitute Hillairy's name in there too.