America's Hamas

Post date: Aug 20, 2017 3:52:14 AM

Red Racism has hit America again in Charlottesville, VA. Now it's looking to strike in Richmond, VA. It's the newest red plague spreading across our nation at the hands of the Black communist left. It started with the confederate flag in SC and now includes all Confederate heroes of the Civil War, especially Robert E. Lee. The final step includes all our founding fathers!..especially Thomas Jefferson...and George Washington. If an enemy army had invaded our country and done such, we would have shot them. Now a home grown subversive army does so, and we do...nothing!? To let this continue would be like letting Lenin out of jail in Russia, a great mistake the world regrets. Both Rush Limbaugh and Patrick Buchanon are predicting a second civil war.

Stalin once said, "we spit in their faces, and they call it dew!" Our cowardly fake news and college intellectuals can't bend over and apologize fast enough to please our enemies. The fifth column "elites" are jumping on board the commie train in droves trying to be fellow-traveler false heroes The whole situation in Charlottesville has the ring of a "deep state" order to set up Trump? The leader of the legal demonstration once supported Obama and Occupy America. The leaders of the illegal demonstration also supported both. The communist BLM and Antifa came with rocks and clubs. At which point the traitor black police chief withdrew his force from the scene. It reminds me of Russia. The same tactic takes place in all communist controlled countries. Americans demonstrate at the ballot box, Communists demonstrate in the streets...especially when they lose. Did the Democrats hire actors again?

Antifa stands for anti-facist!? Really? The moral reversal of evil is always amazing. Antifa says attacking a Nazi is not a crime. But attacking a communist is? ACLU also has the gall to blame the police saying they wanted it to happen. It is not conservatives that are "making America hate again". It is them. This is all tied into the LGBT movement and the destruction of marriage and gender. "Tyranny begins where God leaves off"--Wm Penn. The true story lies in the title of Michael Moore's website: I hate America! Those that are angry and hate religion, morality, family, and the American way are the true hatemongers. They are the real hate group, not those of us who oppose them. Peace only comes to the virtuous, those who truly understand the meaning of the word FREEMAN.

This whole event was set up in order to broad brush all white GOP conservatives into the usual communist propaganda grouping of Nazis and KKK white supremacists. They then forced our President to denounce them...but not the black supremacists! You should never apologize to the enemy left. As John Wayne said,"its a sign of weakness". If you do, they win the psyops war. They follow the admonition of the famous Chinese General Sun Tsu very well. "We must first demoralize them." That means make them feel guilty and ashamed of....the past actions of others.

President Trump went PC on us. He said both sides were at fault. Wrong! Only one side was legal and only one side wasn't. Only one side came to do violence...the black supremacists! Our President did not have the courage to call them out. Was it because he has been a past contributor to the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. He said that "we are all Americans and we salute the same flag". Wrong again! Almost half of our people salute the Soviet flag morally, economically, and politically. All racism is not wrong. To stand against those cultures that refuse to accept our values and are a threat to our communities, whether Muslim, black, brown, green, or good "racism". They should not be allow in and those here should be banished.

As one former black FBI agent once said, "giving MLK a national holiday would be like raising the red flag over America". The "racist"election of Barack Obama did the same thing. As Jane Fonda of the democrat party once said, "Communism is the goal." That is the goal of the ult/liberal/progressive/communist/democrat left. In my last run for US Senate against Tammy Baldwin, I said all minorities are communist controlled. When a culture has an out-of-wedlock birthrate of 60-70%, they are obviously in the "soviet" orbit. Those who are marching in the streets probably practiced communist morality the night before. If you don't understand, go read the "Resolution" under issues. The streets have been theirs for a long time, but thanks to the conservative tea party movement, not anymore. And they don't like it!

If I were in the White House, I would throw MLK's bust into the street...and see how they like that? All Confederate soldiers, sailors. and marines who fought in the Civil War were declared US veterans by an act of Congress 23 May 1958. So when they desecrate a monument, headstone, or statue; they are disgracing a..U. S. veteran, some of which were black. I don't see them complaining about blacks that owned plantations and kept slaves. Neither are trying to take down the statue of Lenin in Seattle. They have let themselves become part of the greatest slave system in the world.

Stalin said that in order to take over America, he would have to control the minorities, especially the black community. They did so in the 60's and they are doing it again now. Nothing has changed. Their dream was to form a nation in the Southeast. They seem to have done so in our major cities. Stalin knew our country would not fall from within unless they could undermine our strengths: religion, morality, and our patriotism. Nowhere is this been more successful than in minority communities.

Should groups who are allied with our enemies really be allowed their supposed right to freedom of speech in the streets of our country? Where did this false idea begin. In recent times, we need only to go back the 60's when the communist ACLU, putting on their "wolf in sheep's clothing" act, joined in a lawsuit before the Supreme Court that said that the Nazis did have the "right" to march in the Jewish community of Skokie, IL. They just put their support behind the event in VA.

Ever since FDR stacked the court with his "liberal" friends, they have always ruled in favor of the communists. This whole case was just a cover for all the communist controlled riots that have occurred since then. The Court nullified the Smith Act under which communists could be deported. We need that law back again. And the congressional subversive committees that the ACLU and the Democrats(even Dr. Spock) worked so hard to get rid of, thus lessening our security and abetting the infiltration and subversion of America.

Where is the political leader that can lead out on this? Yes, our President is in the woods on this one. The communist left may get him by hammering the white supremacist theme. If they do, it will be his own fault...for having been so two-faced and compromising in the past! He needs to expose this "get whitey" attack on America..before it brings us down from within via a civil war lead by BABO and his red minorities. Will FREEMEN stand!?