Post date: May 23, 2018 1:14:35 AM

Faith and Reason make us men. Take those away, what are we then?....mere animals! A WI assemblyman was rejected by the state Rebublican Party and all of it's leaders because of his comment about women raping easy. But they failed to mention the rest of the story. He also said the goal of our schools is to "turn our children into animals!" This could have been great teaching moment for all those who rejected him, including Mitt Romney. They didn't reject him for his past moral transgressions, but for actually for telling the truth. The GOP doesn't have any moral standards for it's candidates either.

Our schools are literally being used as transmission belts for communist propaganda, encouraging the profligate lifestyle of Hollywood, the MOB, and most leaders in sports, academia, business, and politics. Communism calls for maximum homosexuality, promiscuity, adultery, and pornography(read the Barron Co. Resolution...again!) Public schools teach graphic sex without parental involvement. In Tucson, this includes anal sex and Necrophilia! This all started with the "Soviet" Siecus programs of the mid-fifties.

We have the animals of Nazi Germany and their blonde haired and blue-eyed "love camps" producing a "superior race". Then we have the Soviet system where everyone is an animal; no racism here! Sounds like the Democrat Party. What kind of a country trains its soldiers to "whore" and kill for their leaders?! An UN- American country? It doesn't matter who you sleep with!? Tyranny has many rear ends! Will Freemen stand? That term only applies to a virtuous people.

Not much our President can comment on here, without showing gross hypocracy. It has all built the welfare state...and the DACA invader baby army. This kind of immoral behavior has definitely "forced the United States to spend itself into destruction"(Lenin). Stalin called for the undermining of our religion, our morality, and thus our patriotism. This is why Kruschev knew "we would fall like a ripe plum". Without this plan of animal behavior, it would not happen. And neither would all these school shootings.

They are going up for the same reason that out of wedlock births have increased. Our new "Soviet" school system, especially at the collegiate level, are turning our children into animals. They have done so with slogans like: "God is dead", "if it feels good do it", and "make love not war". Under socialism, God is replaced by man, and intellectualism. The lives of animals become more important than those of human beings(abortion and death panels). The subversive means justifies the gross loss of life. School shootings justify destroying 2nd amendment rights.

The name calling from the right surely bothers the left. They are used to doing that; it's their battleground. But if our President calls MS-13...animals, that hits their immoral nerve. Jorge Ramos of Univision TV and Luis Gutierrez(CA) say this puts him in a master class of racial demagogery. Nothing like the red "pot calling the kettle black". This is a culture of rapine activity, even of young children. The so-called Democrat Party loves them...and Hamas! The party of treason and invasion, the party of homosexuality and multiple genders, the party of the MOB, the party of give away America, gets all self UN-righteous! Too much "commie" sex gives them VD of the brain!

The party of "Sanctuary cities" and sports betting(gambling) has become the party of all fifth column betrayal. Unfortunately they have help from the GOP version. Former President Fox of Mexico is in on name calling too. He says AG Sessions is a "little mouse" because of his work against invader sanctuary cities. In CO, the ACLU is running "resistance training" for them. I smelll a big Red rat"! He likes to use the F-word word a lot, on people he doesn't like. I bet he's the biggest drug dealer in Mexico.

The Constitution was set up to outlaw four basic activities or crimes: monopolies, vice, debauchery of public morals, and high crimes(such as murder). Now our government protects all of them. One could say the mob has thoroughly infiltrated our government. Mob morality begets mob control. They have done so through gambling, girly joints, and professional sports teams. The worst "mob" of all may be all the "soviet" bureauracies, 90-98% of which vote Democrat. Of such is the "Deep State".

MS-13 and all the other animals coming across our border(and the borders of Europe) qualify as a "culture from the other side of the Jordan River". The mob has used under age assassins and the communist left does too. The recent shooter in TX will only get life!?...because of our "Soviet" Supreme Court that likes to rule in favor of criminals and communists. They decided in 2005 that to execute anyone under 18 would be "cruel and unusual" punishment. Never mind the "cruel and unusual" crime! In 2012 outlawed life without parole; no more than 40 years. Actually TX countered with that one.

The same goes for the illegal immigrant that raped a 13 year old girl(40 years?). Deadly force was appropriate at the time of the crime. To not do so now just rewards them for "success" and punishes us financially by warehousing them for long periods of time. Just declare them "Outlaws" and throw them out. Unwanted..dead or alive! And shot them on site if they return. Maybe a bounty would be appropriate?! We don't need to waste so much legal time on them in our courts and prisons. They are an enemy invasion army...and should be treated as such. And no, all these lives do not matter!!! Animals were be killed by man.