Baltimore/Red Racism VIII

Post date: May 4, 2015 12:23:01 AM

Another "poor innocent" thug with a rap sheet 22 incidences long has caused another city to riot and burn. Why should one thug have such power over America!? White police must not be allowed to successfully control black crime!? The Communist Party goal of protecting criminals and keeping them on the streets continues. Again, if he wasn't committing a crime, nothing would have happened. It's not a matter of right and wrong. This is a continuation of the CPUSA race war that will continue from city to city, and will not end any time soon. Warfare foreign and domestic will be a continuous event until the domestic enemy is treated the same way as the foreign enemy, with no appeasement given.

Again, another Democrat has called out the police and National Guard to protect the community; and then told them to stand-down. This type of betrayal happened in Vietnam too. Taking action against the enemy would either be blocked or fouled up. It was known as having a "VC in TOC". The tactical operations center had been infiltrated by an agent with the authority to undermine the whole operation, usually Viet-Cong. You needed both American...and Vietnamese approval for any operation to take place. Democrats started and controlled the whole Vietnam War in like manner. You can't win a war run by traitors.

Which brings back to our President, the TRAITOR-in-CHIEF. He has tried many times to fan the flames and was unsuccessful at getting a conviction against white officers, but has been all too successful at inflaming cities with the aid of his comrade friend, Al Sharpton. When they gather in the White House, it's called a "VC in TOC" meeting. The Mayer of Baltimore has learned well from our "savior" how to lie about it. First she gives the stand-down order then says she didn't. Thank goodness there still are a few people there that will stand up to her.

Now the young "red' hot DA has come out with an indictment against six officers that will keep the riots in the news for months and fan the flames in other cities. The crowds are still using the same communist party slogans: hands up-don't shoot, (evil) blacks lives matter(white police don't), and "this is your time"(to bring America down). Remember, no(commie)justice, no(commie) peace. This race hustle is really called the "commie hustle"

These agitprop events will most likely continue all the way up to the next presidential election. Will BABO(Benedict Arnold Barack Obama) use this as a reason to declare a national emergency!? Then he could suspend elections and, under FEMA executive orders, make himself dictator for life. We can thank our "Col. Sanders" Republicans who are afraid to impeachment him. They live in fear...rather than do the right thing...NOW!...,and let the consequences follow! To not do so would be much worse. The Traitor-in-Chief is allowing 100's of thousands of Syrians and Muslims to invade our country and has purposely left our borders open to invasion. White folk are not allowed to though. That would ruin the plan to create a "majority if minorities" that could take over America. And would not be commie-fair. BO should be called the Invader-in-Chief.

What is happening in Baltimore and across the nation is a text book example of the book by W. Cleon Skousen, "The Communist Attack on U.S. Police". It really is must reading! I offered four copies to my local Tea Party....and they turned it down!??? And they think they're going to save our nation!? The book mentions; 1) creating massive mob violence and Citizen Review Boards to paralyze police, 2) a poisonous hate campaign and deliberate lies, 3) exaggerated versions, and 4) fabricated charges against police. The result would be intimidated police being paralyzed during times of riots. Did not that just happen?

The topic of CRB's was invented by the Communist Party in the 1930's when America was thought ripe for revolution. The same economic conditions are about to happen again, if not already A FACT! The goal is to mete out harsh and arbitrary punishment against police until they become so benumbed and neutralized that taking effective action against rioters becomes impossible. The accusers turn out to be the ones who created the climate of violence(are you thinking BO and AS?), then accuse the police of trying to cover it up. "It is designed to deceive the public with a WALL of HATE."

So, what is the solution? I like the story of Solomon in the Bible. Maybe black people ought to live its moral laws?....then they wouldn't have the family problems they have. Getting paid by our government to have children out of wedlock is the real race hustle. They should lose their voting rights for creating problems for other people to pay for. But that wouldn't be commie-fair. Solomon told a "criminal" he could live as long as he stayed in his community and did not leave. Otherwise, he would get the death penalty. So simple! Why don't we try it?

This country needs to become the "Camp of Israel". Banishment laws along with the death penalty would solve a multitude of problems. The youth in question wouldn't have been around to cause the problem. But, that wouldn't be commie-fair either. We don't need to build more prisons, we need to bury more criminals. Declare them OUTLAWS. They would thereby be outside the law and deserve no further protections....or benefits! We also need a deportation program that works, and this one will! An enemy should be treated like an enemy. American-fair is when police live and thugs die. Maybe it's time for "Whitey" to get "Blackey". Black people are to "Black, and white people are not "White" enough. It's time for "White Power"!