Black Bill Cosby(the BBC)/BLACK RACISM

Post date: Jan 7, 2016 10:58:56 PM

He sure isn't acting "White"! Neither was Bill Clinton long ago......or now! It's very lame and stupid for Cosby to hide behind the charge of racism. My "##%#* White Women" article offended some, but here we go again!!! "Big Bad Bill"(both of them) went after white women and very few black ones. Isn't that racism? It doesn't say much about the character of his wife either. He has been a "master of deceit" for a long time. Never thought much of him back in my college days or his "I SPY" days; he has sure proved out, just like a Schwartzneggar. I would take these charges against "Black" Bill much more seriously if the women were virtuous(meaning chaste), but that seems unlikely. Loose women get into these kind of predicaments. Good women would never get near such people!

Montel Williams says the group in OR that took over federal land should be killed!!? Why doesn't he think black people who destroy property should be killed? Nothing like the good old evil commie double standard! I'll bet OW has her hands connected here somewhere. Her and Boo Hoo BABO. Black people just can't seem to get "White", just get whitey.