Breed and Conquer

Post date: Jan 16, 2018 1:16:04 AM

There are two ways to procreate: one according to the laws of the God in relation to family and marriage--the American way, and the other is the opposite--the Communist(socialist) way, outside of marriage. The Marxists use the latter in order to "breed and conquer" a nation. And, force it to spend itself into destruction through social programs. "People of color" have a long and disgraceful record of doing so.

The Communist Internationale is using PC(people of color) to invade the West in Europe and in America. Two cultures of opposing values can never assimulate. The process is carried out through both the welfare state and and the invasion of supposed refugees. The simple truth is that they primarily want to get here through any means, legal or illegal, in order to drop "invader" babies on our soil. A false interpretation of the 14th amendment is being used to justify it. They want to create DACA babies.

President Trump's naivete about the matter is encouraging a new rush of "children" across our southern border. And more DACA renewals are being made. He has totally messed up a simple solution to the problem and given the Democrats too much more propaganda time on the issue. Now, he is channeling Jeb Bush and calling it a "bill of love". No, this is a bill of subversion! Why is he following the basic communist party line that "they are contributing to our society"? Is "the amnesty train a comin"? Trump has said he will sign whatever bill they give him, no matter if it has bad policies. Out of respect for the bi-partisan participants!? Those behind this amnesty trick should get no respect at all.

No matter how many supposed good things will come out of the next bill, DACA will be a communist victory. We have elected Donald Trump and given him both houses of Congress. Why should we compromise the basic campaign promise in relation to DACA. It is time to put the Democrat Party of Communism out of commission once and for all. They may promise to give us e-verify, the wall, more agents, Kate's Law, and cut immigration by 25%(how about 100% when it comes to P/C?) Even if they get to withhold grants from Sanctuary cities and allow them to be sued, my answer is still "Hell No"! I wouldn't bet my life on any of the promises being carried out. As the communists say, "promises are like bread crumbs...meant to be broken."

One hundred CEO's demand amnesty for "Dreamers". Big business has really sold this country out. Maybe we should call them communist-front companies? They also are all in for the communist-controlled homosexual movement, and the transgender agenda. They sure are not leading with American character. Just look at the "fake" media. The plain hard fact we all have to deal with is that subversion and infiltration have been so successful over the last 100 years that now half of our people are part of a fifth column loyal to Moscow and the International goals of Communism!!!(read the 45 goals under AFACT on my website).

The "breed and conquer" program is continuing through the HUD program of AFFH(affirmativly furthering fair housing). Pres. Trump has only delayed the program, but not scraped it!? It will "redistribute people based on race" under the communist cry of "diversity". This is no more than Communism destroying property rights...and the right called "freedom of association". This President has some serious personality flaws and changes from day to day. He has very little if any comprehension of anything written in this article. We need a better man next time around.

Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, has posed the question to Trump, "who is he to decide who is welcome into our country?" Big words coming from the Mexican version of S#%&hole. The citizens of a nation have the right to answer that question according to their own economic and security needs, just as your country has done. Mr. Fox is nothing more than a propagandizing, foul-mouth Marxist!