Candidates 2016

Post date: Jan 5, 2016 2:34:45 AM

At the end of each year, it is an American tradition to celebrate and honor the birth of The Savior of mankind. In this new year, our citizens will be looking for a political savior. Unfortunately most want one who has broken all his commandments on morality, one who doesn't support the principles of The Savior. They seem to put their trust in a money savior, and prefer someone who is rich in money rather than rich in principle, someone who merely uses religion as a false cloak under which to promote socialism.

The communist left knows how to twist religion to its purposes. The Democrats declare there is no God. Some like the Clintons like to be seen carrying a Bible. Now we have a GOP(?) candidate doing the same, when all their lives neither has stood for the morality of The Savior. The Dems have had the Kennedys and Clintons and the GOP has had Schwartzneggar and McCain. Now we have another womanizing-adulterer promising the solution to all our problems. How has that work out in the past for us? Our country and its liberties are on the verge of collapse!

Will we get the "mob moll" wife of a philanderer....or the womanizing gambler?! Before the Founders determined to rebel against England, they asked one question about the people and responded in the affirmative. Are they MORAL enough? Would that be the case today? The blessings of liberty come only from a virtuous people. The candidacies of Clinton and Trump only show how dangerous the fifth column threat has become in our country. The communist Progressive Party was disbanded in the 50's with the objective of infiltrating and taking over one or both main parties. They did so because of their success within the Democrat party. Their goals are big government and moral decay. Too many Republicans stand for those issues. Just one issue shows the power of the fifth column, the communist controlled homosexual movement.

Below I will give an updated evaluation of the GOP candidates. Most do not pass my simple tests related to moral character, socialism, and national sovereignty. Most are off my list for their support of the three issues that will destroy us from within.....homosexuality and it's related issues, and a pathway to citizenship; also TPA and the related TTP and TTIP. If they are wrong on these, the other issues do not matter. The "British" GOP wants morally compromised candidates they can control(blackmail). They don't want one who will stand against the welfare state, for either our citizens..,,,.or our invaders.


Why was money an issue for Mitt Romney, but not for Donald Trump? Do we need a syndicate gambler who knows how to make deals? Why do we need a businessman? The last one destroyed the Republican Party and set up a communist in the White House for eight years! We need someone who knows and supports the U.S. Constitution, not someone blowing a lot of hot air pretending to be something he isn't....and never was! Mr. Trump definitely appeals to the to the drink, smoke, gamble, and watch porn crowd.

Mr. Trump is the "Joker" in the race. He is still a socialist and stands for their single-payer healthcare system, the real goal of Obamacare. He supports the welfare state, like most false conservatives, and only promises to do it more efficiently. Like Arnold Schwartzneggar(his business partner), he has adopted a religion for political purposes. I still remember Arnold at the Crystal Cathedral the weekend before his first election to the governorship of CA. His maid was already pregnant. Both have lead lives of adultery and promiscuity. How does he attack the Clintons successfully for doing what he has done?! Was it Marla Maples or another wife he found on the internet making a mild porn video of herself? Arnold is on my list of "Masters of Deceit"; and it looks like I need to add Donald to it!(you should read that book by J. Edgar Hoover and my commentaries about it).

Even if he lives up to all he says, it is meaningless unless we get a Congress that will support him. Who we put in Congress will still be more important than the Presidency. He does say he is against the TTP.....and supports all I said about immigration years ago. But he is not revealing the forces behind it. That means, like others, he really doesn't understand our greatest threat....the enemy within.


He is the perfect neo-conservative and has many fooled. Come to think of it, Kasich is the number one false conservative. Rubio was and still is part of the gang of eight that wants a pathway to citizenship. He takes money from rich homosexuals and supports TTP. Enough said! He like others has no understanding of what "honest money" is versus "fiat money". He did sign on to Rand Paul's bill to audit the FED. Marco is standing on worse ground than Ted. Neither of his parents were natural born citizens.


He shot himself in the foot when he supported Sen. McConnell over the tea-party candidate in KY. Mr. Paul has sound stands on the FED, morality, and NSA surveillance. He was for TTP before he was against it. Rand to my great surprise would legalize millions of invaders. He too doesn't understand the forces behind it.


I used to really like him when he was on Fox news, but now he is a great disappointment. When he said the Bible supports Obamacare(communism), he lost me. Gov. Kasich has become the "hitman" too take out real conservatives that will do something about our borders and the illegal invasion of America. He carries the democrat party "can'titis" attack on that issue. He is a moral man, but like all of them, has no understanding of the Marxist powers behind the homosexual movement. John stands for the TTP!? These Pacific and Atlantic treaties will destroy the functions of Congress and turn them over to the Communist UN; this is international crony capitalism at its worst!


He lost me the first time he said that the children should not be punished for the sins of their parents. So, should we give the invader babies the same tuition as US citizens? The Bible says the opposite; the children do pay for the sins of the fathers....and they have not repented yet. As a minister, he is strong on moral issues and seems to be against the TTP. But like all the others doesn't understand the forces behind or it's purposes for world government. Gov. Huckabee supported socialist healthcare when he was governor.


Both her and Trump became popular because the came out boldly against PC and weren't afraid to say what they really felt. We need some one who does. but doesn't stand for socialism. Carly is religious and moral, but is weak on homosexuality and healthcare. She thinks the government should subsidize high risk pools. Mrs. Fiorina is concerned about the details of TTP but seems to be headed toward the international business community, maybe for obvious reasons? I like her spunk, but I don't respond well to people(man or woman) who talk tough about military options and have never served in a war.


He is the most sound on the Constitution and moral values. Sen. Cruz is the strongest against socialism and will repeal Obamacare. He says if amnesty goes through, it changes our country. How true. A relative asked me to ask him, "what will you do for white people"? That is the question that should be asked of all, since we are under such heavy ethnic assault and invasion for the purpose of changing our demographics to those non-white cultures that will destroy us from within.

Because of changing demographics in CA, a Reagan Republican, or for that matter, any Republican can never win the state again. The communist controlled invasion has worked there. Now they're working on AZ. Will Ted have the courage to cut off these cultures and only immigrate "White" culture until we get back control of our country from the minorities that have betrayed us?! I am concerned that he wants to increase the immigration of Mexicans and Chinese...and the low wage (H1-B?) worker permits. He voted for TPA before changing his mind; and now takes a strong stand against TTP. Like all the others, he is not telling the "rest of the story"!?

Is he a citizen? Do Rubio or Cruz fulfill the 14 year requirement? It's beginning to look like what was good for the Dems is now good for the GOP. I just don't like putting another lawyer in office.......when I know how hard the GOP works to keep veterans out unless they are rich.....and compromised! Too many lawyers are running the "british" GOP. Mr Cruz seems to be taking money from wall st. and the gay community. If so, Trump may be right about him being a hypocrite. That statement comes from the greatest hypocrite of all.


He is the number two man, the establishment chose behind Jeb Bush. Rubio is number three if they fail. Gov. Christie is probably the most dangerous candidate in terms of allowing Muslims and Sharia law into the United States. He says that our concerns about their invasion of our country is "crap" and labels us "crazies". Christie has honored imams with either terrorist ties or who have sympathies for radical Islam, said Susan Rosenbluth, editor of the Jewish Voice. has the full goods on Gov. Christie.

He like Huckabee supports in state tuition for illegals. Christie once said we need a common sense pathway to citizenship, but recently said in NH that "this pathway to citizenship stuff is garbage". Which way will he really go? He supports the Patriot act and TTP. Chris wants to keep the FED independent of politics...the old establishment line.


The first letters I received about his candidacy stated that he would be the only one who could get enough black votes to win the Presidency. That's a poor reason to vote. We need the American vote. If black people only want to vote on race, then we don't need them. If we do, we're finished anyway. Why beg an evil culture for votes !? Race plays too big a roll here.

Dr. Carson seems to be a moral man, a rarity in the black community. He has come out for a form of amnesty, but opposes TTP. Does he have what it takes to stand up to the communist run race war in America? He has eluded to those who would divide us. Why doesn't he tell the full story? Ben backed gay rights initiatives when he was a director of fortune 500 companies.


Come to think of it he, like his brother, is the worst(fake) conservative in the race; and real ones know it. That's why his numbers are so low. When the campaign hits the east coast, will someone pull a rabbit out of the hat for him? Beware!

Mr common core, pathway to citizenship, TPA and TTP. Do we need to know more? One of his top economic advisors is a member of the FED Board of Governors. Think he will "save our economy by destroying the economy", so his wall street cronies can be bailed out again?


Has the strongest stand on our two pillors...religion and morality. Has never been a womanizer! None of the other candidates understand the full threat of the FED and fiat money, except Rand Paul. Has had the best stand on the illegal invasion of our country long before Mr. Trump came along to use some of his material. He is the ONLY one who understands the threat from within from Trojan Horse organizations like the UN. End the FED, the ED, and the UN!

He has the best understanding of false economic treaties like the TTP and TTIP. No wonder the WI GOP doesn't like him. What more could you ask for? A wealthy man,no. A man of principle, yes. The only war veteran running for both the US Senate in WI and the Presidency,yes. Why don't we have any on the stages of debate? I am beginning to think we have been had all around again. Only minorities need not be real citizens. Another "majority of minorities" candidate will signal a defeat of white culture("white privilege") and liberty in America.

Who has paid the price of "family, fortune, and sacred honor"? Who will do so now to restore the Constitution and liberty to our land? Will it be Ted Cruz? His wife resigned from Goldman-Sachs, one of the wall st bailout "kings". She supports a pathway to citizenship.....and the NAU(North American Union)!!!? My top three choices are "me, myself, and I". I would chose in this order: Cruz,...........................Paul, Fiorina, Huckabee, and Carson. Those are the only ones I would vote for. The others are too moderate or liberal. Sen. Cruz knows the Constitution, but no one really knows the enemy, especially within. What will your standard be for choosing?