Comey vs Hoover

Post date: Nov 6, 2016 5:20:13 AM

When FBI Director James Comey first came on the scene, he was presented as a well respected non-partisan that we could depend on...that was just a lie. He said that their wasn't enough information to indict Clinton....that was just a lie. He said there needed to be a clear intent to violate secure government information in order to indite her.....that was just a lie. Reminds me of an old song.

He reopened the investigation because of pressure from rebellious agents and their resignation letters. As reported on World Affairs Brief, some people including department heads stopped talking with him. They felt betrayed and that he had disgraced the bureau by letting Hillary off with a slap on the wrist. This may give the appearance that he is not in collusion with Clinton, but nothing will be revealed until after the election.

Comey's first association with the Clintons came in the mid-1990's. He joined the Senate Whitewater Committee as a special counsel. Again no charges were brought. In 2002, as a federal prosecutor, he took over the investigation into Bill Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich. James Comey decided not to pursue the case. He had overseen the prosecution of the Rich's between 1987 and 1993.

NYPD sources said she could not only be indited for mishandling top secret emails. New emails include evidence linking her to money laundering...child crimes with to play.....obstruction of justice... and other felonies. Some there say they will go public if the FBI and the Dept. of Justice( Lynch) don't indite her. Is this just another show...just to act as if something will be done?

J. Edgar Hoover was hated by the communist left in this country...and still is. He fought to defend us from not only the Marxists, but also the Fascists and the Nazis. He also had to fight the those in our government who "rigged" the system in favor of our enemies, especially the communists. Both parties were part of that....and yes he probably had "book" on many of them to protect his position.

Remember, the Verona Project, run by the Army, had to be kept secret from both FDR and Truman. This project provided the identities of many communist agents. Both Presidents hid records from the House and Senate committees charged with investigating subversives. The subversives have now taken over the Democrat Party....and have their president in the White House. The party of treason and invasion will continue if Clinton wins the election.

The government is constructing a new FBI building. Rumor has it that James Comey would like his name to be on it. Instead of protecting us from subversives like the Clintons, he is covering for them. Comey is not even in the same league with Hoover. It should stay the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building. The only appropriate place for "fellow traveler" Comey's name.....would be on an outhouse!