Commie-Nester Attacks

Post date: Jun 12, 2017 3:05:24 AM

Reverse Homophobia?

Just when I didn't feel like writing much, the Homo-Nazis have held rallies across America in our major cities. Many floats have pulled out of the gay parade in LA because they are honoring the Cuban terrorist pardoned by Obama just before he left office(he also lifted the embargo against Cuba). They have combined with the Anti-Trump crowd. Same DEMON-strations, different name?

Texas Governor Abbott has called a special session to consider 20 issues, but transgender issue seem to be the main reason, according to the LGBT community. If Abbott, Pence, or anyone else opposes that community, Al Sharpton calls them the "true enemy of civil rights". Well, BOO-HOO commie black people. The conservatives support the TX Governor, but not the business community!? After all, money does come ahead of principle for them.

Civil rights does not necessarily coincide with inalienable rights. In a nation under God, sins are not protected by natural law....but they are under communism. Debauchery of public morals is not protected by the our Constitution....but is protected by the Soviet constitution of the UN. That's why they have so many pedophilia and sex slave charges against them. Communism is just the political expression of Satanism. The goal is to turn people into animals. Nancy Polosi says people that voted for Trump just did what "mammals would do". The old communist reversal attack again. No Nancy, your the party animals!

The US is thinking(correctly) that we should withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council. May President Trump do so...and withdraw us from the UN altogether. That Trojan Horse needs to go. All it does is coordinate all the demonstrations that seem to be going on at least monthly. Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak may become the UN head of Counter-Terrorism. That might be a good idea?....since Russia trained most of them over recent decades. All the UN does is put the "fox in charge of the hen house".

One hundred House GOP representatives have co-sponsored a bill to grant amnesty to the illegal invaders if they join our armed forces. Really?! Taking into account what happened in TX and what just happened in Afghanistan, what a great idea??? That way all the Muslim "refugees" and border invaders can infiltrate and ...conquer or armed forces?! Is this another example of treason? Anything is better than the elite college leaders of the future having to serve equally. Guess they just don't want to compete for the "privilege" of dying for their country. They would rather sell it out.

Have you ever heard of a military unit called the fighting college professors!? During the Vietnam Era, those that went into education could keep getting draft deferred as long as they went into teaching and were good enough to advance to higher degrees. The liberals sure went for that...and eventually ruined our education system. The 2-S deferment system for college students declared people that work with their mouth are more important than those who work with their hands. All this did was create an elite "draft-dodger" ruling class passing the buck to others. These are the kind of people that now control business, education, and the legal profession. ( Let us not leave out the political arena). And we wonder why our country is so messed up...and our leaders seem to have very little character?

I didn't last long as a teacher because...because I was too idealistic? I came to the conclusion that the first requirement of an administrator...was a yellow streak down their back. You sure see it on our college campuses now! No discipline, reward without work, and offense without punishment! The only ones getting punished are those who believe in God, family, and the American way.

I have a idea for a new song: Don't let you kids grow up to be..Comrades!