Communism on Campus

Post date: Jan 24, 2017 8:37:35 PM

The first university to be taken over by Marxists like Angela Davis was UC-Berkeley back in the 60's, the Alma Mater of Aaron Rogers. After the Packers lost to the Falcons I thought of what his "mistress" said months ago the last time he had a poor performance. Did he have too much sex the night before?! There is no such thing if your a commie-nester. Such comments tend to program people in the wrong direction. The communists have taken over many more campuses. Their pro-cells exist at all of them. They have infiltrated all walks of life in our country.

The big issue on campus when I last attended UW-Stevens Point was "commie" co-ed dorms. Now it is "commie transgender bathrooms. The maturity level of the educated just seems to be getting lower all the time.. The more educated they get, the morally dumber they get. The American "hope of the future" has become the Communist "dope of the future. We have professors at both Marquette University and UW-Platteville being driven from their positions for violating "commie" free speech rules. That means you can only speak if you hate America and all the Godly virtues it stands for.

Need we mention the farce at University of Minnesota?....a dozen football players accused of gang-banging a female in a dorm room, supposedly with her consent. Why are they still there? Why are taxpayers forced to fund such nonsense? The coach was changed but I doubt the moral culture will change. Our country may be falling apart because our representatives refuse to abide by the Constitution, but all is well because we can still worship the football! It keeps people away from religion and interested in sports and sex.

The UW at Madison has always had a "liberal" reputation. Now they have a "white culture" class. It will do the same thing that "white privilege" and "get whitey" will do-- degrade the good white founders of our nation. When the communists move in, they always change the history of the nation to suit their socialist objectives. This is a communist minority attack on white America. The famous Chinese general, Sun Tsu, said in order to conquer a nation, you must first demoralize them. This class is meant to do just make white culture ashamed of sins they have personally not committed....thus weaken their resolve to defend their country against communism. Communism good....Americanism bad.

One WI representative is calling on Gov. Walker to defund the UW until they remove the class. The governor doesn't want to do that. Why not? This is simply a communist pro-cell attack on America. Why should taxpayers, especially those who can't go to college, be forced to fund this? We need the legislative Un-American activities committees back at the state level to deal with such issues. Does Gov. Walker understand the "enemy within"? I don't think so....if he thinks this falls with in the false narrative of "commie" freedom of speech. He needs to bring real freedom of speech to our campuses. That means the freedom to attack communism and it's front groups at our universities. Aiding and abetting an enemy cause should be grounds for removal... and loss of citizenship!