Comrades at CPAC?

Post date: Mar 5, 2017 4:58:44 AM

The CPAC event was very informative. The best speakers were as follows:

1) Wayne LaPierre

2) Jeanine Piro

3) Sean Hannity.

Wayne La Pierre was right on. He was the best by far. His only "mistake" was saying radical left rather than communist left. You can find him on you-tube. I gave out my cards there asking the most important question as relates to our future: Are You Ready to Fight Communism in America?, listing issues they control like LGBTQ. Apparently there was a strong Marxist contingent there...disguised as the log cabin conservatives?! I got several emails from them expressing their appreciation and love for me!....using every word they could that describes their moral behavior!

Now I know how Scott Walker felt. Wonder if Sheriff Clarke is getting any. If not, that is questionable. They probably call him an "uncle Tom" because he doesn't follow the majority behavior of the black community. They came from such names as Dylan Henson, Emily Jones, George Seror, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, phobos moon, old blackfoot, and Gabriel Gagnon. They shared thoughts such as these with me:

1) Communism will win.

2) Kill whitey scum!.

3) F....the white oppressors.

4) I convinced them communism is the way to go.

5) When the revolution comes, you go straight to the gulag.

6) Insane b...s...., Can't wait to not hear from you again.

I left off the really bad stuff. Evil just doesn't get "civil". My simple answer to such people is: shut up, get out. Go to Russia where you belong. I would be glad to assist them out of their misery for good! They have set record hits on my website...300+ in two days. The commies are more interested in my website ...than Patriots!?? These boys and girls are well organized...all across the country. Wait till I put "black lives matter" and "white privilege" on that card too. That will really drive them into a feeding frenzy! The enemy is indeed here. Guess I had better quit and let Sheriff Clarke win?