Constitution Party

Post date: Nov 27, 2017 1:50:08 AM

Ronald Reagan said he did not leave the Democrat Party, it left him; so he became a Republican. Unfortunately the Republican Party has left real conservatives and become just another wing of the Democrat party. Therefore I have decided to join the "real Republican" party, the Constitution Party. Funny thing? actually follows the original intent of the U.S. Constitution! And, it doesn't tolerate moral debauchery in its candidates.

After trying to work with the GOP since 2008, first as a candidate for the Assembly, and lately as U.S. Senate candidate; I have found that they don't support those values and principles most important to our Freedom. Other reasons for leaving are:

-----Paul Ryan!....and Mitch McConnell!

-----they can't beat a lesbian

-----free speech in the party is not allowed unless you are willing to support womanizing/adulterous candidates

-----The WI GOP doesn't allow competition against incumbents.

-----freedom of speech(or competition) no longer exists in the party

-----only the richest candidates are allowed, not the "best"

-----It has the same stand as Democrats on:

--"fiat" money(Federal Reserve System)


--the Departments of Education, Energy, EPA, etc

--the "Soviet" welfare state

--big government social programs: HEW, social security, medicare, healthcare, etc.

--unconstitutional budget busting wars

--the UN

--no moral standards for their candidates

--run by Lawyers and car dealers

Neither party can deal with the topic of internal subversion. The Constitution Party recognizes something I said five years ago when I first ran against Tammy Baldwin and won the Tea Party debates; the greatest threat to our freedom lies within our own country!!! My stand on all issues have not changed since I first ran for U. S. Senator in OR in 1984. They "coincidentally" are the same stands of the Constitution Party. It is time to stand against the two-party, one-party system. Conservatives have tried to work within the GOP for years to no avail. What are we stuck with? A do nothing neocon party lead by Ryan and McConnell.

Ronald Reagan held us within the GOP back then. It has been a waste of time since. All Tea Party conservatives should finally leave and do the right thing, go to a party that REALLY stands for their values. And do it now! After all these years, all the GOP has left us with is another debauched candidate that doesn't really know the Constitution..or the real threat to our liberty. You don't "make America great again" by hiring the swamp...or protecting them(the Clintons) from prosecution. The GOP said they would save us with another debauched candidate by the name of John McCain. What did we get?..."Comrade" Obama for...eight...long...years of infiltration and subversion! The GOP no longer "leads with character". It leads with money.

Both parties are run by lawyers. They are not the caliber of our founders. As I said back in 1984, "it's time to make the lawyers work for us, not us for them. I also said, " if you want liberty without want what has never been...or ever will be! If you believe in the values I have written about, the Constitution Party is a "Safe" place for them. You really should go to get to know them! Get to know their 7 core beliefs and 12 main issues.

They are the replacement for the Republican party. You now have a choice between the Soviet Democrat Party, the British Republican Party,....and the American Constitution Party!