The New Black Panthers/Red Racism Part X

Post date: Jul 15, 2016 2:04:32 AM

In the beginning of this series, I mentioned A FACT unknown and probably unpopular to the populace in general, but nevertheless very true. J Edgar Hoover warned in his book,"The Masters of Deceit", of Stalin's subversive goals as related to the minorities in America, more specifically in relation to the black race. Stalin said they could not take over America from within unless they could take control of the black "minorities". They were to build a nation within a nation in the Southeastern United States. The "Latinos" are doing so in the Southwest; it's call Atzlan. The Black Panthers of the 60's, as well as other black radical groups, worked toward that end. Either give them what they want or they would "Burn, Baby Burn" our country down.

They lite up 100 cities back then. Now "Comrade" Al Sharpton also has promised the same lite up 100 cities! He, Obama, and the BP have inflamed race relations and hatred against police. Thanks to Obama and his party, our government is filled with Red Termites. They will bring our country down from within unless we clean them out. Taking Hoover's premise to be true, would mean that black culture now represents a huge and very dangerous enemy force on our soil, especially in our major cities run by the Democrats(democratic socialists). The Marxists knew the people would not accept the word communism, but they would accept democratic or progressive socialism, both terms used by Sanders and Clinton respectively.

Aided by the candidacies of both of them the New Black Panthers are calling for blacks to migrate to the five states of LA, MS, AL, SC, and GA, in order to take them over and form....a new nation! I'm surprised their leader left out FL. "If black people move in, most definitely white people will move out", so says (BO) Babu Omowale. That is unless they are white shills for communism like Gov. Jerry Brown of CA. He shilled as the mayor of Oakland first. Good always moves away from evil, but evil always moves into destroy it.

BABO TOTUS wanted slave reparations when he was the US Senator from IL. Now Babu says blacks are owed money, land, and reparations. This is pure communist agitprop. Restitution?...NO! He says blacks should control the money that comes into their communities....and those communities. They want to police them themselves. That's only natural. But, they haven't proven able to do far. That may be like the "fox guarding the hen-house". The key is what you do with that freedom? When will you thank white America for the freedoms they gave you? When will you make up for your lack of gratitude and treasonous behavior? You have blatantly chosen the moral decay of tyranny over the virtue of freedom. You, like the invaders on our border and the Muslim refugees, have never assimilated into American culture. The few that have are well accepted by their peers. All you do and have done proves the stereotype. I do like his phrase for our education system though----"the public fool system". It is because it has become a Soviet school system where religion and morality play no role.

The New Black Panther Party is associated with the Nation of Islam organization. It has struck in numerous cities this last week using the same MO----a criminal black person of low character claiming abuse by the police. Abuse by police is the new war on law enforcement that has tenacles all the way back to Putin. Police must be shown to be inadequate, despite the facts, in order for Obama to be able to call for a Soviet/Nazi style national police force controlled by the UN. Obama wants them to take our guns away too. Tonight ABC gave him a town hall just so he could spread his agitprop stories of red racism. This is not about black lives, but about black lies. Sheriff Clarke and Col. West are calling it correctly.

The problem still is: black people are too "Black" and white people are not "White" enough. White people need to White out Black power(the soviet black movement) before they blackout America. Don't let the black Nazis get you!