Democrat Debates I

Post date: Oct 16, 2015 8:08:12 PM

Was that Cheryl Crowe opening with our national anthem? How sacreligious?!....and appropriate for the Democrat Party!...,the party of "free love"! Didn't she have the number one hit song back in 1976?....."Just want to have a little fun". Apparently she had to much "afternoon delight" with a famous bike rider; he left his wife! She may be old, but I'll bet she's still having to much fun.

How about calling it the "Quisling" debates? True to form, if you NEED it, it's free, free, FREE! They want to be able to use your body for free, your money for free, and be free from accountability(its someone else's fault). Your RIGHT to keep what you've earned doesn't matter. If your white, only black lives matter; especially if you are the police. Quisling betrayed Norway to the Nazis and became its puppet ruler. Such is the role of our very Social Democrats. And let us not leave out the Rhinos. It's been going on ever since FDR buddied up with "Uncle Joe" Stalin. A quisling is person who betrays his country by helping an enemy to invade or occupy it. This is definitely the traitor/invader party. Remember, their slogan comes from Jane Fonda: "Communism is the goal". Socialism is a system of lying...and they do it so well!!!

This was a set-up for Hillary Clinton by Bernie Sanders. She said she is a progressive and he said he is a social democrat. She said "potaato" and he said "potAto". So what?! Both terms mean communism. Enough of these wolf-in-sheep's-clothing names!? I like the term commie-rats. And no, the AMERICAN people are not tired of hearing about her e-mails...or Benghazi...until we get to the truth. As Hillary said, We need to join the rest of the advanced world....that has sold out to socialism? Every invader baby needs to get free healthcare(and their families too). As Lenin said, "we will force the United States to spend itself into destruction".

And no, climate change does not rise to the level of the threat from subversive communism, unless you know that they are part and parcel the same. Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union!? Wonder what he learned there? Did he take classes with the Ruether brothers...or Dennis Trumpka? He came out with a long list of red party slogans and statements:

--more institutional racism in America than China

--free university education for all

--Casino capitalism(maybe this was for Donald Trump)

--path to citizenship for invaders

--the GOP is the party of obstructionism

--all citizens have a right to healthcare

--we have a democracy(really?...another code word for communism)

and,.....with 27 million people on poverty(favorite topic of all good comrades), the american? people have heard enough about Hillary's e-mails.

The Dems put on a good show. Though the questions were tough, there wasn't any of the baiting that took place at the GOP event. I begrudgedly say, it was a better run debate. I don't know why O'Malley and Chaffee(former GOP) were there. Senator Webb was the only veteran in either debate and sounded more republican, especially on foreign policy. He was the only one to mention the threats from Russia and China...and cyberwarfare. I think its down to two now, unless "uncle Joe" gets into the race.

Clinton said the "republicans are demonizing and insulting immigrants"... all our invaders. The new battle cry from the left is to get the gun manufacturers. Has it started in AZ? And yes Hillary, the GOP conservatives are the party of NO!.....No to Communism! Bernie Sanders made the best Ron Paul "republican" statement of the debate: WALL STREET REGULATES CONGRESS! How true!! But he did not mention the FED in his remark. Here we have Bernie talking about our Fed issue and Trump talking about our invasion issue? Oh well, they're both Democrats anyway! Long ago, the PTB(powers that be) took a democrat and turned him into a republican to insure a victory for FDR. That's the way it was then....and that's the way it may be now!?