Diversity of Perversity?

Post date: Nov 2, 2017 4:32:07 AM

There is more than one way to look a that. What kind of diversity is good? What kind is bad? What kind is American? And, what kind is Communist? Religiously, a diversity of perverse moral values(promoted by commie-rat Democrats) will not get to you heaven on Earth or in the next life. But a virtuous diversity of people may obtain both. Unfortunately the term diversity is an agitprop term used by the communist left.

Has their concept of immoral diversity strengthened our country or weakened it? Religiously, the answer is obvious. The American version leads to peaceful communities. Such organizations as the NFL, NBA, BLM, and Antifa stand for the socialist version. And what have we got? We may find out more about this on Saturday.

The whole concept of diversity was developed by UN and the Communist Internationle in order to disguise an invasion of our country using perverse "people of color". This is happening in all "Western "cultures including Europe. The simple goal is still to "get whitey". In order to conquer the "West", you need to over populate them with other perverse cultures. If "White" cultures had not become perverse, this would not be happening. Too much of white European culture has decided that they would rather "sleep with the enemy" and participate in their perverse behaviors, especially homosexuality. It happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. It happened to both Israel(the ten tribes) and Judah.

It seems that it is now happening to what the religious leaders of Revolutionary War days called the "New Israel", America. The term "Israel" has always been applied to the seed of Abraham... the Israelites. It seems to upset perverse "people of color" that we are white and follow a White God. Even the ancient cultures of South America carry the legend of a white god appearing to them. The History channel works so hard to convince us that the white god was really a space alien!? Yes, there is opposition in all things. And so it is with topic.

Scott Bolden, who is the black chairman of the Washington D.C. Soviet Democrat Party, appeared on Fox news tonight and gave us the usual communist party line: "we are stronger because of our differences". Not usually. The more homogeneous a group is in its moral values...or race...the more likely that group will be peaceful. It has become all too clear which race or group has the best out-of-wedlock birthrate, and who has the worst. And it is very clear who will be in the streets this Saturday claiming injustice! Time to read the "Resolution" again?!

General Kelly was correct when he said we need to stop the flow of "refugees". The diversity visa program of the Democrats lead to the terrorist attack yesterday. Reports say 23 others came in with him under the lottery visa program. President Trump is doing the right thing to end it...and end "chain migration". Comrade Mayor De Blasio ended the police program that had surveiled the very mosque that the terrorist belong to. We can thank such "patriots" as Schumer, Polosi, and De Blasio for their love of "diversity". Do you have "eyes to see"...and "ears to hear"!?