Post date: Sep 3, 2015 1:46:45 AM

The GOP is probably getting tired of Donald Trump. He appears to have run off with someone's clothes! Where in the world did he get such crazy ideas as declaring war on Mexico and making them pay for a wall. Could he have read what I wrote four years ago about the immigration problem(and have been mentioning in several articles since then)? I like the idea that Michael Savage came out with about making Mexico pay in oil so much for every illegal they allow to cross the border.

They could easily secure their northern border just as they do their southern border. We probably would be glad to subsidize that. Mexico, "our third largest trading partner"?, has committed more offenses against us than a flimsy Gulf of Tonkin incident. They have shot our border guards, crossed over onto the USA with their military, and worst of all encouraged their people(and others) to INVADE our country. The INVADERS have assaulted, stolen, raped, and killed Americans. But if one of our officers shoot a drug dealer in the behind, we put the officers in jail(Bush).

I have been running for office since I retired in 2008. I retired a year early to run for an Assembly seat in Eau Claire, WI. And I have been constantly warning about the "Slow Invasion" on the border controlled by the Communist Internationale. Our fifth column politicians will do nothing about it because the "political class" wants a North American Union with both Mexico and Canada. TREASON is the REASON! They want to give up the sovereignty of America for world government controlled by the UN. If the WI GOP had not blocked my last run for the Senate, we wouldn't be dealing with Tammy Baldwin and Donald Trump.....and maybe not even Obama. They did not want to deal with the border problem. Neither the GOP nor the Governor seem to have any idea what is going on, or why it is going on.

I coincidently called for a declaration of war against Mexico. That would get their attention and it wouldn't last very long. We should help the people of Mexico clean up their government before we try to do so clear around the world. And, YES, WE CAN!....deport them.....Eisenhower did and so can we. All it takes is a national will to do so. Do not fall for the "can'titis" attack from the communist left. Oklahoma got rid of 20,000 who voluntarily left when the benefits were cut off. DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS! Can you remember where you have seen that sign?!

Mr. Trump has run off with my immigration clothes. Is he a bad messenger giving a good cause a bad name? He says his favorite book is the Bible! Spoken like a Bill Clinton? If you believe that, you'll probably buy the Brooklyn Bridge! Does this work for you: The Bible is my favorite book, come to my casinos so I can fleece you of your money to spend running for President, and you can smoke whatever you want, drink what you want, and sleep with any one you want in our rooms....and watch porn as you do. Yep. I'm a "true Christian"! Drinks on the house! It isn't real hard to find 20-30% of "Roman"Republicans that will follow that formula.

The "mob" seems to control the Democrat Party. Now I guess they need someone from the casino syndicate to take over the GOP. Al Capone knew how to control a community(Chicago) with booze, women, and gambling. Few people seem to know that the mob openly brags about controlling most the states in the union. How so? Simply by using the same old formula --girly joints and gambling(the lottery). The "bookie" has been taken of the street and put in the "statehouse". Donald Trump is a man who could qualify to be...the 12th man...on my list of "Masters of Deceit"(read parts I and II). He took a day off from his campaign to meet with the Speaker of the get one his casinos approved in Florida. Is this what the White House be used for? This is not a man that represents the two pillars of religion and morality that we are founded upon.

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