Election 2014

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:30:06 PM

We are very fortunate to win the Senate majority at last. Harry Reid is now a retired Senate President! And Gov. Walker has beaten the communist controlled unions again! Comrade Trumka must be having fits of despair. The next target for the red left will be Sheriff Arpaio of AZ.

Now we will have to see if the new Senators will compromise the victory away in Bush/Rovian fashion or stand strong and say, no more communism in America! No more Obamacare and no more Amnesty(invasion). If Carl Rove campaigned for them, they may be setting up another Bush presidency. The last Bush betrayed conservative values and put a communist in the White House for eight years. And yes we need to impeach Obama and any one else worthy of such action. Too bad Holder ducked out.

Rubio and Ryan have teamed up to try and give us commie-care light. They were not sent there to give us "pinko" government. They were not sent there to compromise with the Party of Communism in America. The so called Democrat Party is no different than such a party in Venezuela or Brazil.

Unconstitutional programs are so whether done by a Democan or a Republicrat. I expect McConnell and Boehner to go down the same road. I have called my representatives and ask them not to vote for either one of them to lead their respective assemblies. Would Scott Walker do differently? But for public pressure, he and the Governors of LA and OK would have gone along with common core.

The communists are now hoping for a victory in Ferguson, MO. If they don't get an indictment, they will "burn, baby, burn". Those leading an insurrection should get the death penalty. Let no doubt enter your mind to the FACT that Moscow's agents has these people under their control!

Since we now have both houses in GOP hands, I have also called my reps. and asked them to sponsor a bill to give back to the states the right to punish subversion, a right taken away by our "Soviet" Supreme Court years ago. Who are they to say we cannot protect our borders or communities from invasion and subversion?

Speaking of the devil, our infiltrated judicial system continues to overturn the decisions of the people in regards to marriage and homosexuality. Just think how many Obama and Holder have slipped into the system. Thirty plus states have fallen like "ripe plums" to this Soviet controlled cause. They are lead by the likes of Ginsburg and Sotomayor of the Supreme Court..

The people have given us a Senate Christmas present. Unfortunately Comrade Obama has a Christmas surprise for us as he does every year. He is going to give away 4 million plus green cards to our invaders!

I don't see a candidate out there can deal with the topic of internal subversion. That is why I have filed to run for both the US Senate...and the US Presidency; something Rand Paul cannot do! In the last Senate race in WI, I won the first debate over his chose to win and that chose came in third in the primary. If the WI GOP had not blocked my candidacy, we would have at least one more seat; and, there was a good chance Obama would not still be in the White House.

As in war time you may take the right moment to celebrate the holidays, but unfortunately we will have to be ever watchful for an enemy attack through "President" Obama. In the right spirit of virtue and liberty, may we still have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, ...and a Happy New Year!