Enemy Attack in Charlotte(RRXIII)

Post date: Sep 26, 2016 3:27:02 AM

The first attack came from the transgender communist left. That included the NBA, Gov. Cuomo, Bruce Springsteen, and the rich and gay Mr. Thiel, founder of Uber. The second attack came last week from the communist front organization, Black Lives Matter, backed up by our Soviet President and Attorney General. BLM like all comrade organizations want to destroy the family so they obviously support the LGBTQ attack also.

The MO of using a black criminal sent in to take a hit for the party was again in effect. The big lie tactic was used, as it was in Ferguson, to incite the communist controlled mob into action regardless of any FACTS. The real big lie is that it was only a small amount of the black community that was involved, incited by a few outside agitators. The truth is that the vast majority of black america is under the control of the CPUSA. There is one who smiles on high, besides "Comrade" Obama....Mr Putin. Of course BABO is not going to condemn BLM. Moscow has accomplished a goal set almost a century ago: to take over the black community in order to bring America down from within. Ninety-five percent voted racist for a communist president.

If they are a part of BLM or the "white privilege" attack they are the enemies of liberty. Tyranny is always lead by moral decay....and lawyers!...like Lenin, Castro, Mao, Holder, Lynch, and Obama. The mayor of Charlotte did not want the video from the police cameras released. The communist left has called for their use, now they don't want them used!? All these attacks from the black and Muslim community are meant to demoralize the police and weaken their effectiveness. It has been said in the media that 80% are thinking of leaving. Guess who will fill the void?.....the communists. De Blasio will love it.

If white people stand up to this attack from the black and brown communist left they will be called racists. It's a sure sign of the enemy within. It was good white people that founded this country and it will be only good white people that can save it. The "Majority of Minorities" are in the enemy subversive camp. Black people have blown there opportunity in America, funded by white money. Go ahead and fire me Donald Trump. I wouldn't work for you anyway. You've sold out to all these PC groups.

The black race seems to always follow the lowest element in any country they live in. They follow the low communist white man, but attack the good white community. They love the half empty glass of moral decay rather than the half full glass of virtue. Instead of being subsidized by HEW Castro to move into and disrupt white communities, they like Muslims should be banished from them. Any community should have the right to banish any group that is a threat to it.

Vermont has gone from"Don't Tread on Us" to flying the enemy war flag of BLM on their university campus. The draft dodging cowards of the Vietnam era betrayed us to the communist left and they are still doing so today. Back then they were called the "hope of the future". I guess that meant "hope and change". They became the "dope of the future" selling our country out to communism and globalism(the educated word for the same thing). They are the last people that will risk "family, fortune, and sacred honor" for freedom. It has always been the "uncommon" common man that has defended America from her enemies. As my father used to say, "the more educated they get, the dumber they get"!