Ferguson Part II/RR Part VI

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:30:37 PM

During the Cold War, the first communist pro-cell was discovered in the Dept. of Agriculture. It was called the Ware cell and consisted of students who became teachers in the Harvard Law School. It consisted of seven famous communists including the infamous Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White. Does that ring any bells?

The Ivy League has become the Soviet League. Now we have two more in the likes of Obama and Holder trying to ramp up and extend the crisis in Ferguson, MO. The appearance of union leader Trumpka and communist Van Jones is also revealing.

Of course we get the official pleas of restraint...with their fingers crossed behind their backs? Sending in 100 lawyers(the FBI) has not worked for them. Thank goodness the Grand Jury had the courage not indict Officer Wilson. If the communists can't have their way, they make you pay! Unfortunately, they made mainly black businesses pay. This tactic will always be used by the communist minority left to weaken the police, as the attack on white culture continues

Where was Gov. Nixon and the National Guard? He acted like a true Democrat and really did nothing in the face of the enemy. He sure didn't protect the communities as promised. Maybe he should be run out of the country with Louis Farrakhan. Louis says they will tear this God Damned country apart. The race war is on and such calls for insurrection should result in deportation. But, not if our Soviet Supreme Court can help it!

This was never about good basic logic....or even good. It was and is about Obama's hate whitey attack on America in support of the usual Moscow controlled race hustlers. The issue of personal accountability does not play out in the black community.

They are their own worst enemy. Their jungle behavior only fulfills old stereotypes. They need to stop playing" step and fetch it" for Moscow. Russia's subversive network is involved up to their necks. Now Putin has the gall to question our human rights values.

The opportunity to assume personal responsibility is a God-given gift. To deny such is to deny the ability of one to act in a manner consistent with justice and moral agency. Where is the accountability in the self-righteous, former convicted drug dealing, step-father? Where was it when his "son" stole from a store and roughed up the owner? Or when he foul-mouthed a white police officer for doing his job? Under the tenets of Marxism, the environment or someone else is always at fault for your own evil choses.

Of course the NFL has to get in on it too. The St. Louis Rams already disgraced us with their support of the communist controlled gay movement. Wasn't that a wonderful scene for families with children to watch!? Now they have further disgraced white people through their support of the hands up, don't shoot lie. Their names will go down in Marxist history as great heroes of the revolution.

Hands up has just become the latest CPUSA banner. Big Red AL wants all athletes to do it. Maybe its time to boycott the NFL....and let them play by themselves.? Black people that fall for this just support the old idea of the dumb plantation "nigger". The redder the heiny, the redder mouth. People of virtue do not act this way. Blacks are still the most decayed culture in America, with browns close behind, acting out morally as any group would under the control of the CPUSA. Evil always has a double standard.

Now Eric "the red" Holder is carrying the profiling issue. It is another attack from the left, not to protect honest citizens, but to protect criminals from being caught. It is another step in the communist party race war on America. Communist peace symbol flags are being used by demonstrators

Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee has backed up what I said in a former news release, "officials from the White House on down to the local leaders stoked the flames of racial discord". Why is everyone so afraid to use the "C" word? Will the two forces ever come to an agreement? No more than you can mix water and oil, good and evil,...or Americanism and Communism.

Choices have natural consequences. Not whites, but blacks have set back race relations. And Michael Brown got what he chose....and deserved. Blacks are still too "Black" and whites aren't "White" enough. America needs more "White Power"! And....don't let the "Black" Nazis get you!