Ferguson/Red Racism Part V

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:29:33 PM

This situation is filled with agitprop lies from beginning to end. This was communist planned from our Pro-cell White House to the radicals in the street. Communists do not follow demonstrations, they organize them! Of course ISIS is in fellowship with them and sends their best regards.

Was this just an unplanned event by a morally pure as the driven snow black man? How many commie women has he trained? Did they have any of his children? His partner in crime said he was on his knees with his hands up and was shot in the back....and we can really believe him?! Now the truth is coming out. It was Michael Brown that assaulted the officer and threatened his life.

If white people are so bad to live with, why don't they go to that great black country of freedom and prosperity in South Africa set up by comrade Nelson Mandela? The only reason they are in Ferguson, a white community, is section 8 housing. Wait till they and the "children" crossing our border come to your neighborhood. Everything they have they owe to "evil" white culture. Even Mohammad Ali said he was glad his ancestors got here as slaves.

America always offers a better chance no matter your station when you get here. Why should a culture of morally decayed blacks, browns, or whatever have the right to judge the land of Lady Liberty; America, when all they want to do with her is sleep with her, steal her money, and ruin her reputation? Because the Communist Internationale wants it that way; it depends on a morally decayed people to do just that!

Under communism the end justifies the means. Like the kids bobby-trapped in Vietnam, and in the tunnels to Israel by Hamas, Michael was set up to take a hit for the CPUSA and its twisted goals. As a catholic nun once said, "it is the essence of evil".

The M.O. always seems the same. A black youth, just a little lower than our President, gets in trouble with the law, gets shot by a preferably a white man, the cry of racism goes out, then a call for the removal of the police chief, justifying further destruction of property, preferably owned by a white person. Rev. Sharpton speaking at his funeral is a dead give away. So is the trio of Obama, Holder, and ISIS.

Of course the Soviet trio of Obama, Jackson, and Sharpton show up to further incite the race war against the "colonial" white people that founded our country,...and thereby owe all their children born out-of-wedlock a free living. What can you expect from a culture that breeds like dumb animals in the woods, 70%+ born the commie way(illegitimately). And no we don't need to get rid of that "racist" term just because it so well defines them.

It is fascinating to watch the pro-cell string of communist reverends teaming up with the fellow traveler news media(Don Lemon of CNN-the communist news network) to sell the "Big Lies" of innocence. Then there is the MO highway patrolman who thought he would take advise from the communist black panthers. He stood in a church and said their goal is to make women better mothers. Wouldn't that be "better commie mothers", since 70%+ have them out of wedlock. Sounds like that church is a failure....or just a front for communism. This patrolman contributed nothing to the goal of truth.

Now our nations number one "activist"(that's code talk for communist...and he's really just number 2) is sending 40 FBI agents in to get to the truth...the CPUSA wants....and you had better like it. Add to that the 100 communist lawyers he added to the Justice Department.

The issue is "commie" justice versus American justice. Getting the police is required by the former. Getting the criminal is required by the latter. Holder did this in FL and succeeded. The police chief should not have been removed and there should have never been a trial there either. I hope the Grand Jury in MO has the guts to stand up and say no to another political indictment.

"Riot and you will Receive". Will the Grand Jury bow before the threat of: "Surrender to the blackmail of the silken glove or be crushed by the iron fist inside the glove"? "Get Whitey" and Burn, Baby Burn" are coming back. Michael Savage's new book about a culture war will really be about the coming race war...being held in reserve by Moscow. That's why Obama wants a new soviet style citizens community "army"...of minorities. In America, we call them militias; each state has one as defined in the Constitution. There may a renewed call for Citizens Review Boards of Police, an old communist party goal.

The whole situation was started by a black person being where he shouldn't have been, doing what he shouldn't been doing. He set the wheels in motion, so it is his fault! End of issue! The criminal mind always needs two victims, someone to steal from and then someone else to blame. Those who trespass against us deserve such a reward.

The store owner had the right to use deadly force once he was assaulted and those who later looted his store should have been shot by authorities. Their job is to protect us from those who trespass against us. By their inaction, they just encouraged more of it. This was an act of war and should have been treated so. Shoot on site should have been a part of the curfew, especially for those throwing "cocktails" and destroying property.

The Moscow controlled minority movement will get much political hay out of this and gain much funding...to do it again! Didn't Jackson mention that more cities could be set on fire ala the 60s? Party demonstrations are now taking place in other big cities. Will they set 100 on fire again? The other mainly communist-controlled minority is attacking police in Tucson, AZ for arresting illegal invaders.

Moscow said long ago that they could not take over America from within unless they had control of the black population. That happened in the 60's with the help of "Rev." King. Now they have control of the browns also. The Blacks are the Hammer and the Latinos the Sickle. It's time for "White" Power. And, that is AFACT....in America!!!

And now they have sent in the second youth to attack another policeman and take another hit for the party.