Freedom has been given Another Chance

Post date: Nov 14, 2016 5:03:21 AM

The good news is...Clinton lost! The bad news is....Trump won! Or, is it good news? Only time will tell. Trump won despite all the voter fraud and computer manipulation....despite Obama's call for illegals to vote....despite judges that struck down voter ID laws. Some states delayed reporting the results in order to gain time to manipulate the computer count, but the margin of victory was too great to conceal. The Communists have been in the streets for five days now trying to nullify an election they lost. If they keep it up, will Obama be able to declare martial law? Much can yet happen before inauguration day.

The commie-rats are acting like they did when Gov. Walker first won in Wisconsin. They are blaming it on "White-lash"! We still need more "White" lash in America....and minorities are not going to provide it. There has been too much "Black-lash" in this country for too long, and white people have had enough of it!! The RED RACE WAR in America demands that only white people not stand up for their culture. Doing so does not make you a racist by their definition, unless you are white. Why are we letting them demoralize us and define the "battlefield"?

The fifth column communists(and no they are not just "activists") are again showing their skills at sloganeering. It has gone from "black lives matter" and "pigs in a blanket" to "STOP TRUMP HATE". They are calling him all the names they called Scott Walker. The term "Trump Hate" is being used to describe all the Christian morality values they deplore. Hillary deplores them too. The communist-controlled minorities and homosexuals are crying about what they are going to tell their children. How about "we need to repent"!? Don't think "little Al" Sharptone will go along with that one.

When they cry "give freedom a chance", they mean the opposite: give communist tyranny a chance. They call for the "Equality" of their evil with American good. No, good cannot work with evil unless one becomes the other. We on the American right have no obligation to work with the evil communist left. We only have the obligation to destroy it: "shape up, ship out(deport), or die".

'Give Trump a chance" and "peaceful transfer of power" must have been code to BLM to hit the streets tonight! After meeting with BABO, Trump calls him a "good man".? Since when is a communist good?! Then he says "Comrade" Hillary has contributed much to our country!? Really?! What happened to "crooked Hillary"? What happened to Benghazi? Has he become an agitprop artist for Russia? Wait till he goes from communist party healthcare to communist party single-payer. Trump is already willing to keep certain socialist provisions in Obamacare. Thought he was going to end it all.

The radicals in the streets are literally calling for a race war. Why haven't they been kicked out of our country for "hate crimes"? They said, "people will have to die". Hopefully that will be them. "There will have to be casualties on both sides in order for there to be change". That's true for Liberty...or Tyranny. Like Patton said, it's our duty to make sure the poor dumb b#%tards die for their cause. Some of them should have been shot by now. The leaders should get the death penalty for raising an insurrection. This stuff could have been "nipped in the bud"a long time ago. Those who are: keep boycotting the "enemy" NFL...and the NBA.

In Oakland the police were ordered to stand down and let them destroy private property, just like they did in Baltimore. They don't mind destroying their neighborhoods because white money will be rebuilding them, or they are going to get "slave reparations" by moving to white communities via HUD make life fair and equal. When this happens, we will be able to thank Speaker Ryan, who has already allotted funds for that purpose. And don't think Preibus and Trump aren't going along with that?!

Are you ready to fight Communism in America? If not now....when?! Follow the admonition of Churchill: "Action this Day!" We need a new Speaker of the House. How about me!