"Free" Racism

Post date: May 29, 2017 2:22:30 AM


This Memorial Day as always should be a day to honor those who died for our Liberty. Listening to their stories as told by family at the Saturday evening Memorial performance in Washington D.C. could bring tears to your eyes. Unfortunately, there are those who are past feeling. Partying on the beaches is more important. The 47% are part of that, care little about American sacrifices, and know little about why this is a special holiday.

There are those who want to use this occasion for their "hate America", get "whitey" campaign. The slave reparation theme was promoted all week long, leading up to the holiday. Whitey owes the communist left free education. And if he won't concede to that he should be killed. The blatant threats from minority professors increases while "Freemen" stand idle. These people should be gone and/or deported. Instead, our leaders bow to enemy "white privilege" classes.

The disconnect between those that serve and the general populace becomes greater as America becomes more Sovietized(demoralized). America! America! God mend thine every flaw, Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty in law..., Till all success be nobleness, And every gain divine...does not fit the new morality of the millennial generations...or the objectives of our fifth column.

The best experience I had this weekend was listening to XM Sirius host Jonathan Gillium. He talked of the threat of subversion in our government....from the intelligence agencies to education, media, and political parties. Has anyone been telling you that before?! My cousin "shocked" me recently by saying there are communist cells throughout our government. And I thought I was the "McCarthyite"?! How right she was!!! You should review the quotes on my homepage...and the subversive quotes under that section. Maybe read a good book about communism from my book list?

If the so-called Democrat party is not the party of subversion, then why are mayors like Rahm Emanuel rising up in defiance of our laws? He says all commie "dreamers" are welcome in his city. And who pays for that? I bet it's going to be whitey. NYC has shown us what kind of patriotism they represent by electing a Communist to be their Mayer. De Blasio will gladly be desecrating this Memorial Day by riding in a parade that will honor a Marxist terrorist pardoned by Comrade Obama. Why is our fleet honoring NYC with a visit on this special occasion? Are they patriots...or patsies?! (try reading that issue or commentary)

Our racist enemies within are dishonoring our holidays. Their latest tactic is to go after the statues of Confederate heroes. This is continuing because Gov. Halley did not have the character to stand up to them in SC. The "bloom is coming of the rose" for me whenever a holiday comes up. We just about lost our country to the subversives this last election....and we may lose it yet. So you will have excuse me if I as a veteran am not all goo-goo and excited as I should be...when so many stand idle. God bless Jonathon Gillium and the few others that see the real threat. And God bless all the truly noble patriots of America!