Friend or Enemy/ Vote

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:00:36 PM

The time is Now! save our Republic. Will we choose like children...or like adults? Will this be about personality issues or substance and the Constitution?

In my high school senior English class we spent much time writing themes about statements the teacher would write on the chalkboard. I usually earned "B" grades on them...or better. My favorite was about, " Are all those who threat you good your friends, and are all who threat you badly your enemies?"

Children might believe that, but adults should know better! I fear that a major share of our voters believe literally in the absolute truth of that statement. They believe that if a politician gives all they want or need right now, he is good ...and if not so, he isn't. A statesman would not be to their liking.

One might consider the following quotes from the ministers of the revolutionary era before voting:

1) Voters must choose those who have shown that they fear God, pay their debts, believe in honest money, will not oppress the widows and fatherless with worthless, inflationary paper money.

Charles Chauncy, D.D., May 27, 1747

If voters chose people based on the persuasions of politics rather than on the moral and intellectual quality of the candidates, then God will withdraw from the people.

Samuel Dunbar, May 28, 1760

For leaders in our Jerusalem (America) voters must search the Natural Aristocracy for proven virtue and talents.

Elizur Goodrich, Hartford, Ct 1787

Voters in the 13 colonies should heed the counsel Moses gave to the 12 tribes of Israel in choosing their leaders....(let not men openly irreligious and immoral become your legislators.

Samuel Langdon, NH, 1788

Voters should find those who will carry TRUE religious convictions evident in their private lives into their public lives.(when they are eminent patterns of virtue themselves)

David Tappen, May 30, 1792, MA

Voters must be aware of the hidden danger of prosperity.

Samuel Wales, Hartford, Ct, 1785

The full article can be found at in the monthly newsletter/August. May you vote like adults... rather than children!?